Analysis of DARK POOL|Based on the opportunity of the web3.0 era to build an open chain decentralized world

The bursting of the Internet bubble gave birth to Web 2.0, which contributed to unparalleled economic growth in information consumption and content creation, representing an important era of human evolution, new ways of working, consumer information, and progress in human civilization.

Web 3.0 is hailed as a technological paradigm driven by the creator economy, the next revolution in the Internet. Web 3.0 needs to be rebuilt around technology, architecture, design, and talent engagement to enable a decentralized internet. As the world’s first Web3.0 aggregator platform, DARK POOL reshapes the future free and new financial situation and helps to build a new financial system in the Web 3.0 era.


DARK POOL Chain is a new commercial industry public chain based on DARK POOL dark protocol technology. DPC is a platform token issued by the DARK POOL industry public chain. “The business model establishes a commercial digital financial ecosystem. It will seize the wealth opportunity in the Web3.0 era and build the world’s first web3.0 aggregator platform.

One of the design goals of DARK POOL is to build and support real business. Its technical characteristics determine that it needs to be able to perfectly support high-concurrency processing of complex tasks, so that the blockchain can more efficiently carry large-scale transactions, and can support the operation of applications on the scale of a large number of users. The landing of blockchain business projects has become possible.

The underlying infrastructure and basic services built by DARK POOL can be compared to a mutual trust business collaboration engine, giving birth to a credible and secure business environment jointly built by participants. In such a business environment, users, data, and assets can communicate with each other, and the cost of distributed collaboration across business entities is greatly reduced. At the same time, it can also promote more adequate market competition, improve information matching and collaboration possibilities between supply and demand, and achieve multilateral incentives. Compatible, the entire business ecology is more prosperous, orderly and sustainable.


Now is the new stage of the development of the Internet from Web2.0 to the Web3.0 era, and Web3.0 is also a decentralized world.

Web 3.0 is more user-centric, focused on making things more human, transparent, and secure Internet by building an ideology of decentralization, distribution, and everyone working together. Web3.0 is a new era of Internet development, dominated by distributed technology, with peer-to-peer network, high interoperability and high scalability. Web 3.0 will bring a transparent and credible Internet economic model, that is, the interconnection of everything, everywhere. DARK POOL seizes the wealth opportunity in the Web3.0 era and builds an open chain decentralized world.

DARK POOL builds a completely “decentralized” cloud mall platform based on Web3.0 technology, creates a fair and orderly shopping environment, solves the problem of corporate industrial exchange and uneven consumption distribution, and builds a consumer ecology. At the same time, combined with the technical advantages of big data, the mall can choose suitable products according to the user’s shopping habits, and get a certain income. The more you consume, the more you earn.

The most prominent advantage is that the user’s private data can be encrypted, which solves the shortcomings of the current e-commerce development, and all transactions are carried out through DPC tokens. DARK POOL blockchain cloud mall commodities will cover all walks of life and promote the development of the consumer economy.


From the Web1.0 era to the Web2.0 era, if the blockchain-based Web3.0 becomes the mainstream, and DARK POOL, as the pioneer and leader, will definitely take the lead.

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