Lingose completely changes the chain game ecology

After the fire of GameFi in 2021, people have been involved in the wave of GameFi. Players can not only find the fun of games in GameFi but also get rich profits. However, with the rise of the popularity of GameFi, the services of the entire GameFi industry have not kept up, and they have developed so fast that they forgot to improve the user experience of the entire industry. The emergence of lingose solved this problem in time, and it is also good news for GameFi players.

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Lingose aims to establish a Game ID system based on blockchain data, which provides qualification proof by capturing users’ on-chain behavior. What are the characteristics of lingose’s services to GameFi players? In general, there are three points: use Game ID to link the chain game ecology, POP mechanism to better record user game behavior, dual currency and identity NFT mechanism to manage ecology and more comprehensive game services.

1.Use Game ID to link the GameFi ecology

In the world of lingose, everyone only needs to rely on one identity to travel freely in the world of GameFi, and there is no need to change other identities. Users can set their own Game ID, and the account will record the user’s achievements in the GameFi world. The rankings and achievements obtained in the game will be displayed in the account, and the accumulated achievements will be rewarded. Allows users to access various products of the Lingose ecosystem. As the interaction with Lingose becomes deeper and deeper, the Lingose ID level will increase. Lingose ID integrates the experience point system, and users can improve the Lingose ID level by completing tasks. At the same time, Lingose ID supports multiple chains, and users can bind multiple addresses on the chain.

2.POP mechanism to better record user game behavior

Different tasks are specially set for games on lingose. For the entire game industry, lingose has put forward its own unique POP concept. POP aims to create a reliable new way of recording game experience. As long as players participate in the game and complete certain tasks, they will get a unique badge on the blockchain as a commemoration.

When players complete the tasks on the official website of lingose, the rewards they get will not only help improve the player’s own game experience, but also make their own contributions to the entire game industry. After lingose’s continuous growth, its identity NFT will be the status symbol of the GameFi world in the future. The higher the level, the more contributions the player makes in the GameFi, which proves that he is a senior GameFi player. Most players will get some game rewards through lingose before entering the game, players can better experience the game.

3.Dual currency and identity NFT mechanism management ecology

Identity NFT will be divided into 5 levels: Rookie, Veteran, Expert, Master, and Artist. Different NFTs can complete tasks of different levels, or complete the same tasks and get different rewards. Lingose will release the governance token LING according to the user’s completion of the task. After that, if new users want to be eligible to participate in Lingose, they need to use the governance token LING to purchase the platform’s identity NFT.

After the user obtains the identity NFT of lingose, they need to complete the task to get the reward, but each task requires point cards, and each task needs to consume point cards. The number of points purchased by the point card is different according to the identity, and the point card needs to consume the platform token LGT with lingose.

With the support of the dual NFT and dual currency model, lingose will more comprehensively and accurately record the online behavior of users. LING is the governance token issued by the Lingose platform to improve the Lingose ecosystem.

Users can obtain LING rewards by holding Lingose platform-specific NFTs, such as advanced identity NFTs. Game publishers consume LING to obtain platform value-added services, promote products for specific user groups, and sell NFTs or blind boxes on the platform. At the same time, users need to pay LING to obtain identity NFT. After that, the platform will gradually increase the application scenarios of LING to expand the entire ecology.

4.More comprehensive game services

In response to the current weakness of chain game services, lingose has launched a game service specifically for GameFi. In addition to some of the rewards mentioned above, lingose will occasionally invite people from the game industry to AMA. Players can directly Faced with the game party, put forward their own suggestions for the game. At present, dozens of game parties have come to the lingose community to live broadcast and interact with players friendly. Lingose will also launch its own NFT rental business. In popular games, the entry threshold is often too high, and it is difficult for ordinary players to enter. Through lingose, ordinary players can experience these popular games with only a small fee. With the development of the game industry, Lingose will also launch its own financial services to better serve players.


Taking advantage of the above advantages, lingose has occupied a place in the current chain game world. At present, there are tens of thousands of addresses that log in to the official website, and most of them will complete the corresponding tasks to receive rewards and become game masters. The GameFi ecology led by lingose is gradually being established. The lingose community has exceeded 140,000 people, and lingose can be seen in all communities. The activities in the first half of the year reached more than 10 million people and attracted attention from all walks of life. , The entire GameFi industry has hatched order in the chaos due to the emergence of lingose, and the previous chaos will be gradually cleaned up with the advancement of lingose, and the entire GameFi industry has also undergone changes due to the emergence of lingose. In the near future , people will see a good chain game ecology established by lingose, and everyone can get what they want in the ecology.

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