SPACE ID Announces the Completion of $1,000 Strategic Financing

Based on the decentralized domain name protocol of BNB chain and Arbitrum One chain, ID Labs provides users with a one-stop Web3 domain name and identity platform. According to the official blog information, IDlabs platform token SPACE ID was announced in April 2022, which launched the bnb domain name pre-registration application and public registration. Early and active members, community contributors, and partners in the SPACE ID community were given priority to apply for the bnb domain name.


SPACE ID obtained the list of participants of the MVBV incubation project on the BNB chain in July 2022. It received a seed round from Binance LABS in September by collaborating and integrating with many projects in the BNB Chain ecosystem. In October, it was awarded the 5th round of the BNB Chain Web3 Accelerator Programme. On February 7, 2023, SPACE ID announced a $10 million strategic funding round led by Polychain Capital and dao5, with participation from other institutions and industry leaders.

Decentralized trading platform Orbits products are widely recognized, and community ambassadors jointly build a global community

Orbits, a decentralized trading platform, is becoming a new project that has attracted much attention in the web3 industry. Orbits is a multi-chain order book decentralized trading platform based on zk snarks technology. With layer-2 and ZK-SNARKS technology, platform transactions can be confirmed immediately, and the cost can be reduced to $0.01.


Orbits supports liquidity aggregation and strategic trading in the process of spot and perpetual contract transactions, and shares handling fees and market value liquidity benefits with all users. Orbits breaks the status quo of large funds monopolizing contract revenue, and shares the revenue earned by the platform and market makers with liquidity provider users, that is, the revenue from transactions and gambling with users is distributed to users.


Orbits is committed to providing a fast, secure and transparent digital asset trading platform to meet the growing demand of the digital currency market. The emergence of Orbits not only brings more trading opportunities to the digital currency market, but also improves the security of the digital currency market to a certain extent.


At present, the main network of Orbits products has been launched, and the recruitment of global ambassadors has been completed, and it is about to enter a new stage of development.


Orbits products have been recognized by users, and the global community has begun to take shape

Relying on its product advantages and the strategy of “liquid market-making revenue” that shares revenue with users, Orbtis has been widely recognized by users. At present, Orbits has completed the recruitment of global community ambassadors, and the founding team will carry out online MeetUP activities with these community ambassadors and loyal supporters of Orbits. Global Ambassadors are selected from active contributors in the global community who have made many contributions to the promotion of Orbits before.


The first global ambassador online sharing activity was completed on April 12, and nearly 200 Orbits global fans participated in this online sharing. Next, the weekly online conference will be carried out in an orderly manner, and the sharers will be Orbits team members and global ambassadors, bringing users the latest Orbits development information.


Orbits was positioned as a global player in its early days. Active contributors around the world helped launch Orbits fan communities in different languages. Currently, there are English/Korean/Japanese/Indonesian/Chinese fan communities with a total number of 20,000+. As of the end of March 2023, Orbits social media has 30,000+ followers and is growing rapidly. Orbits and its partners have organized several TW space activities, with a total of more than 15,000 participating users.


Orbits also held a global offline event to communicate with community partners around the world. At present, the Orbits global tour has been held in Romania, the Philippines, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Almaty, Kazakhstan, Paris, France, etc., showing Orbits’ technical concept and development plan to local community users, and has been warmly welcomed by local partners.


These global community ambassadors currently recruited will be representatives of the Orbits project in various communities. They will promote the Orbits project in the local community, organize offline activities, and share the feedback and needs of users in the local community with the Orbits team. The series of online series held afterwards can gather community users around the world, let them know more about and love the Orbits project, and thus promote the development of the project. With the support of these loyal users, Orbits can expand the influence of the Orbits project on a global scale!

A decentralized trading platform connected to the web3 world

As a decentralized trading platform, Orbits plays an important role in the cryptocurrency industry. In addition to helping users and liquidity contributors, Orbits also hopes to support the development of the entire industry. It can bring more users and capital flow to different blockchain projects.


In order to allow more people to use it, Orbits is cooperating with different ecosystems. It has been successfully deployed on BSC and actively communicates with many public chains, such as Polygon, Near, Flow, Klayton, Aptos, Sui wait.


At the same time, Orbits has also reached strategic partnerships with nearly 20 project parties, such as Oasis Origin, Wealth Message, Getaverse, RamBox, acaradao, MAP, W3DNA, Triathon and DataVital, etc., aiming at promoting brand and community building, and realizing Ecological collaborative development.


Orbits is committed to becoming an important hub connecting multi-chain projects, and extensive support from community members and partners is essential. The addition of global ambassadors will help Orbits further develop, and we look forward to Orbits making more contributions in this ecosystem.

2023 Blockchain blockbuster news: DBL (dao) decentralized bond laboratory has been supported by many well-known investment institutions

Recently, the decentralized debt laboratory DBL (dao) announced that DBL (dao) has been supported by a number of well-known institutions, led by Bixin Ventures and Dubai Future Foundation Dubai Future Foundatio.


With its forward-looking strategic vision and strong technical strength, DBL (dao) has won the recognition and strategic support of many star organizations led by Bixin Ventures, injecting funds and resources for the follow-up project development, ecological construction and market activities.

Strategic partner

DBL (By building with ecosystem partners, ao) has created a larger bond market larger than its parts combined. Revenue aggregators, custodians, portals and exchanges provide the necessary foundation and scale for the development of the DBL (ao) network.

About DBL (ao)

DBL (dao) is a decentralized bond laboratory jointly created by the British elite team incubated in Dubai, invested by Dubai Future Foundation led by Dubai Future Foundation and Bixin Ventures.

DBL (dao) is a decentralized debt ecological platform that supports the creation and management of multiple redememable bonds and provides bond and bond derivatives transactions. The platform provides visual bond and bond derivatives creation tools, which can allow any institutions and individuals to design their own bond products for financing through the visual programming interface with a very low technical threshold. DBL (dao) as the world’s leading agreement and ecological platform focusing on decentralized bond products, DBL (dao) can support the issuance, redemption, trading and bond derivatives trading of various types of bonds, LP bonds, NFT bonds, hybrid bonds, filling the gap in the decentralized bond products in the current DeFi market.

The main business of DBL (ao) platform

DBL (ao) profit model

DBL (ao) core competitiveness

Global market layout

DBL (dao) will be in the world, at the same time, the layout of Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, Cambodia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Japan, South Korea and other countries, 200 communities at the same time.

DBL (date) adheres to the concept of blockchain technology decentralization, based on the community power and the interests of users, and gradually transition to a fully autonomous community-based digital asset integration ecology. DBL (dao) community adopts global distributed collaborative office, gathers all forces with obvious advantages and consistent ideas, implements the decentralized values, and realizes sharing, sharing and co-governance with the community and users.

Development roadmap


The founding team invited the UK for the first time, Dubai Future Foundation Dubai Future Foundation and Bixin Ventures led the investment, combined with multinational experts in the blockchain field, financial scientists and well-known Wall Street stock market trading team tried to establish a decentralized debt laboratory development plan, and get support, become the basis of the establishment of the company;

Company first named: DBL (dao);

Technical core members gather meetings, finalized the technical framework and planning and start the system research and development;

The Community marketing team was established


Research and development of BL (ao) decentralized debt laboratory;

To raise funds and obtain investment from an alliance of investment institutions composed of many international quantitative giants;


Test code preliminary test;

DBL (of ao) system open beta version for testing;

In April, 2023

DBL (date) is officially launched

Actively expand and conduct strategic cooperation with high-quality blockchain trading platforms to provide users with more secure trading channels;

Attract more venture capital institutions to enter, to provide users with stronger strength guarantee, to provide rich returns to the investment institutions of the alliance;

In June, 2023

Gradually launch DBL (ao) ecological application to provide users with more revenue channels;


In addition, it is worth mentioning that many of the DBL (ao) strategic investors have close cooperation with head trading platforms, head projects, media communities, etc. In the future, DBL (ao) can provide comprehensive empowerment in exchange traffic, ecological cooperation, media exposure and other aspects.

Miner Hub Receives Angel Investment from X FORCE Foundation

With the successful testnet of Iron Fish, Aleo and other independent chains, mining industry has rise rapidly. It is not difficult to forecast that the mining industry will usher in a revival because it is a increasing market of more than 10 billions US Dollar.

That is why X FORCE Foundation always keeps it eyes and get deep involved in the mining industry. X FORCE invested Chia Hub before and now in order to find out the updated news and project information related to crypto mining, X Force has provided Miner Hub angel investment for getting mote attractions from miners.

As the world’s leading blockchain mining information center, Miner Hub provides a full range of resource information and navigation for cryptocurrency mining. Committed to becoming a hub and bridge between enterprises and users in the mining ecosystem, providing miners around the world with the most complete and up-to-date mining information and data.

Miner Hub Official link:

Find more mining coin news here:


X FORCE Foundation is a professional investment institution focusing on blockchain infrastructure, DeFi, NFT, GameFi and mining. Successfully invested in blockchain projects such as IPFS and Hopr, and participated in private equity investments such as Chia Network and immutable.

DBL (dao), is the most important piece of the financial puzzle in the DeFi market

Since the DeFi Summer boom in June last year, the DeFi market has grown exponentially and prospered ecologically. DeFi’s latest total lock-up value (TVL) is about $110 billion, set to match its early November high, according to Defi Pulse.


There are nearly 700 DeFi projects and protocols based on various public chains, covering more than a dozen tracks. In traditional financial markets, savings, lending, asset management, exchanges, derivatives, insurance, funds and other formats can all find the corresponding mirror products in the DeFi market. Therefore, DeFi is also considered to be a decentralized “parallel world” of centralized finance.

However, bonds, one of the basic financial instruments, have yet to have a truly decentralized application in the DeFi market. The DeFi market, without decentralized bonds is clearly incomplete. The reason is the lack of a standard and agreement suitable for bond products.

to this end, An elite international team from the UK created the DBL (dao) in Dubai, Most of its team members are from Amazon, Goldman Sachs, KPMG (KPMG), Coinmarketcap, Siemens, Unisys, GoDaddy, HP’s experts in mathematics, finance, algorithms, blockchain angel investors, cryptocurrency advisers, Is with a strong technology research and development capabilities and an international high-quality, experienced global elite team, Working together to build a decentralized bond ecological platform, Fill up the important jigsaw puzzle of decentralized bonds for DeFi.

DBL (dao) completes the DeFi bond puzzle

DBL (dao) is a decentralized bond laboratory jointly created by the British elite team incubated in Dubai, invested by Dubai Future Foundation led by Dubai Future Foundation and Bixin Ventures.

DBL (dao) is a decentralized bond ecology platform that supports the creation and management of multiple redememable bonds and provides bond and bond derivatives trading. The platform provides visual bond and bond derivatives creation tools, which can allow any institutions and individuals to design their own bond products for financing through the visual programming interface with a very low technical threshold. DBL (dao) as the world’s leading agreement and ecological platform focusing on decentralized bond products, DBL (dao) can support the issuance, redemption, trading and bond derivatives trading of various types of bonds, LP bonds, NFT bonds, hybrid bonds, filling the gap in the decentralized bond products in the current DeFi market.


DBL (dao) project positioning: to build a global leader’s first ecological platform of decentralized bond, and to establish a more stable, open and transparent blockchain debt financial system

DBL (ao) lending

Unlike the traditional borrowing agreement MakerDAO, the lenders of DBL (dao) bond loans are no longer smart contracts, but buyers of debt bonds. The borrower first mortgage any form of digital assets into the DBL (date) smart contract, and then the smart contract will issue bonds according to the setting of the loan amount, repayment method, interest and other parameters of the loan. The bonds are placed in the secondary market and are traded under the Dutch auction method.

DBL (ao) LP bonds

DBL (dao) platform launched LP bonds, in which each participant voluntarily added the bottom pool LP and obtained 3% Token reward allocation per day according to the weight. DBL (dao) can cut the LP into countless small pieces, each piece corresponding to the bond. These bonds have different redemption dates and awards upon redemption. Before the redemption date, the bonds can be packaged and traded in the secondary market. Users can also get a fixed interest on an LP bond on the basis of the original LP reward.

DBL (dao) NFT bond

DBL / NFT is an equity NFT issued by DBL (dao) NFT bonds. As one of the core assets of DBL / NFT ecology, the holders of DBL / NFT can enjoy a large amount of interests. Holding DBL / NFT can have the voting rights of all projects on the DBL (dao) platform.

DBL (date) debt generator

DBL (dao) pioneered the introduction of decentralized bonds into the blockchain to issue and manage multiple redeemable bonds. The main function of DBL (dao) debt generator is to help other projects to issue bonds, and then intervene in the form of intermediary platform to obtain the effect of aggregate income, and its financial intermediary income is stable and risk-free.

DBL (dao) debt financing

DBL (dao) launched the debt transfer type digital asset financial products. Through this product, users can purchase the debt products guaranteed by the real assets excessively pledged by DBL (ao) platform, so as to obtain the right to recover the principal and interest and earn steady income. At the same time, the creditor’s rights can also be transferred twice before the end of the product term, to recover the principal and interest in advance.


After years of development, DBL (dao) has gradually established its own influence in the industry and become a representative of the high-end of the blockchain + debt industry. It is the mission of DBL (dao) to let users enjoy cost-effective debt transaction services, providing core value services that can be timely realize global debt. At the same time, DBL (dao) will uphold the service tenet of “meeting user needs, improve user satisfaction”, to provide the best quality and convenient services for debt buyers.

Focusing on the invisibility of the financial transaction field, BIKING Exchange announced the latest content of the performance public chain

With the emergence of DeFi, the rise of NFT, and the popularity of Metaverse, an ancient concept will be brought up for discussion in every new explosive period, and that is the public chain.

Taking the DeFi period as an example, the prosperity of DeFi indirectly gave birth to the prosperity of the public chain market. As the main position of the DeFi ecosystem, Ethereum has gradually changed from being the only one to a hundred schools of thought. Each public chain relies on its own advantages to attract a variety of DeFi choices. .

The public chain is the most basic underlying facility in the encrypted digital world. It can be said that it is the foundation of carrying all digital applications. Regardless of the birth of the original Bitcoin or the maturity of the future Web3.0 world, what we see is ecological Continuous progress, what is not seen is the iterative upgrade of the public chain technology behind it.

In the initial stage of Web3.0, various public chains in the market can still provide good support for their ecological applications. However, with the continuous maturity of the Web3.0 system and the continuous increase in the number of users, the transaction volume has exponentially increased. At that time, whether the performance of the public chain is feasible will be marked with a question mark.

BIKING Coin King is currently building the Web3.0 platform version, fully aware of the importance of the public chain to its ecological construction, so at the same time, it will develop a new performance function into the current platform planning, although it directly chooses the mature one in the market The public chain will be easy in the early stage, but the widespread lack of overall functions (such as the chain is too transparent and lacks privacy, the transaction is stuck, and the consensus mechanism is not environmentally friendly) is difficult to perfectly support the application of Web3.0 scenarios.

As the BIKING performance public chain has entered a new stage of development, more development details have been gradually disclosed by the official. Among them, invisibility is the core point of the BIKING coin king. Its existence makes transactions in all links of the ecology All conceal security, and truly implement the concept of Web3.0 inside and out.

BIKING, the guardian of the night in the public chain

Concealment – is one of the most eye-catching features of the BIKING Coin King public chain. Through several innovative zero-knowledge proofs Plonk, Marlin and BulletProofs, BIKING Coin King can cover some simple transactions. At the same time, for some complex financial scenarios, BIKING Coin King can also easily provide privacy support, such as solvency proof, whitelist asset proof, solvency proof and other scenarios, which can take into account both privacy and auditability.

Although the blockchain model itself is characterized by anti-censorship, but in order to further integrate with the traditional world financial system and smoothly transition to Web3.0, then compliance review is important. It is true that BIKING took into account the importance of compliance in the operation of the early contract platform, so in the development of the public chain, it also integrates both concealment and compliance, taking into account the needs of the ecological environment and the actual regulatory requirements.

In addition to strong concealment, BIKING Coin King’s zero-knowledge proof technology and RSA cryptography accumulator also provide BIKING Coin King with the characteristics of high burst and low transaction costs. Currently, the TPS of BIKING Coin King’s main network is the highest in the first round of tests It can reach 8000+, and this is only the initial single-environment test.

The innovation of BIKING is not only reflected in the privacy features based on multiple zero-knowledge proof systems, but also in the optimized account mixing model and BVM virtual machine.

Optimizing account mix model

UTXO is a way to calculate account balances in the Bitcoin network, which can well avoid “double-spending attacks”, and the system security is more reliable and privacy-friendly. However, with the increase of transactions, the UTXO data stored will become a burden, and the compatibility with smart contracts is poor; blockchain systems such as Ethereum mainly use the account model as the main way to record account balances. Compared with UTXO, accounts The model is more efficient in processing transactions, but there are problems such as nodes doing evil.

In the development of the latest public chain technology, BIKING optimizes the UTXO and account model, and inherits the respective advantages of both, which means that transactions in the BIKING system can resist double-spending attacks and further ensure privacy. It is also perfectly compatible with smart contracts.

BVM virtual machine

Looking at the new public chains in the market, no matter which technology is declared, there are obvious defects, and it is not the most friendly to developers, especially in the development language. The virtual machine BVM built by BIKING is fully compatible with the EVM of Ethereum. They both use Solidity as the programming language and have the same development tools and token standards. This means that on-chain applications such as Ethereum and its side chains can be seamlessly migrated to the BIKING Coin King Chain with one click, allowing developers to achieve zero-cost (learning) and zero-threshold development on BIKING Coin King. It is foreseeable that the BIKING public chain after its official launch in the future will usher in an ecological explosion by virtue of this advantage.


The BIKING performance public chain not only improves the performance and security of the blockchain network, but also further realizes the expansion of functions, allowing the integration of concealment and compliance to meet the dual needs of users and supervision. The BIKING public chain can always bring us unexpected surprises, let us look forward to its wonderful performance after its official launch.

ProTradex Empowers and Blesses “FOCUS 2023 MACAO Web3 Builders Consensus Summit” Successfully Concluded


On April 3, the FOCUS 2023 MACAO Web3 Builders Consensus Summit led by ProTradex was successfully held in Macau. With the theme of “Riding the Wind and Waves, Focusing on Web3”, the conference deeply explored the theory and practice of Web3.0 innovation, shared excellent cases of Web3 applications represented by ProTradex, and explored the opportunities and challenges facing the ecological development of Web3.0 in the new era.

This conference brings together hundreds of pioneers of the Web3 era, experts, scholars, and elite leaders from all walks of life to gather in Macau to discuss the wave of opportunities under the new trend of Web3. And ProTradex, as the empowering ecology of the summit, will also keep pace with the times. With the trend of industry unicorns, it will explore the depth of the encryption market and create a grand blueprint!


At the beginning of the conference, ProTradex Chief Strategy Officer Anthony made an opening speech for the summit as a representative of the organizers. In his speech, Anthony introduced the original intention and business layout of ProTradex, and then introduced the ecological positioning and future layout of ProTradex. Finally, it was mentioned in the speech that the vision of the advent of ProTradex is to better solve the liquidity problems faced by the current derivatives market, promote the development of more decentralized derivatives protocols for cryptocurrencies, and achieve common profits. Promote the active development of the cryptocurrency decentralized derivatives industry, and further improve capital utilization with an innovative derivatives ecology.


Subsequently, Evgeny Bazhov, the plenipotentiary representative of the Eurasian Cooperation Organization Finance and Banking Association in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Malaysia, delivered a speech and expressed warm congratulations on the successful holding of the summit. He believed that in the new era, the digital economy has been Referring to the height of national strategy, accelerating digital transformation is the only way to become world-class.


In the theme sharing session of the summit, many guests expressed their opinions on the topic of “Web3 development trend”. Professor Steven, a professor at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and a PhD in Finance from Toronto, mentioned that the concept and technology of decentralized Web3.0 can be combined with financial services, or It will revolutionize the financial industry. Tony Tang, co-chairman of the Hong Kong Blockchain Association (HKBA) , said that thanks to Hong Kong’s mature wealth management industry foundation and technology and financial innovation environment, the Hong Kong government’s declaration and subsequent implementation policies will undoubtedly promote the prosperity of the global Web3.0 industry develop. Cai Zhichuan, president of the Asian Blockchain Society , shared new policies and business opportunities for virtual assets in Hong Kong. He believes that virtual asset exchanges and management companies will usher in explosive growth in Hong Kong. Tony Fu, executive director of the Hong Kong International New Economic Research Institute, believes that Hong Kong, as an international financial center, will definitely become a bridge for the innovation of virtual asset financialization of mainland and overseas assets.

As the important sharing session of this summit, ProTradex global ambassador Danrod brought the theme sharing of “ProTradex Vision” once again to the climax of the meeting. Danrod explained the ecological development of ProTradex from four aspects: platform positioning, business model, encrypted derivatives business (NFT lending), and Q2 ecological layout planning.


Danrod mentioned: ProTradex is a one-stop financial service platform focusing on the field of cryptocurrency decentralized derivatives. It is committed to providing liquidity for encrypted assets and improving capital utilization (including NFT and FT assets), providing more Long-tail users offer lucrative benefits. At the same time, the platform deeply innovated NFTFi, launched NFT-related financial derivative services, and further released the value stored in illiquid blue-chip NFT. At present, the income section of the platform includes three aspects: handling fee, service fee and position. In the ecological layout planning of Q2 this year, ProTradex plans to invest in/layout the public chain wallet. Based on the ecological wallet, ProTradex will expand derivatives exchanges, public chains and other sectors in the future, so as to gradually build a complete and diversified application ecology.


In addition, Danrod also shared the development history of ProTradex, and made an in-depth discussion on the brand’s experience in the blockchain and financial technology industry, covering the application of blockchain technology, its use in different business sectors and its impact on the community. The succinct and straightforward narration allowed participants to clearly understand the glory of ProTradex along the way. In fact, the development history of ProTradex around the world is supported by data. Every major data disclosed means the hard work of the brand in the process of rapidly expanding the operation team. With the overall presentation of major data, the efforts of the multi-regional operation teams have finally come to fruition. Today, ProTradex’s industry popularity and global influence are steadily improving around the world, and it is marching towards the top of the industry.


When the theme sharing session came to an end, the scene once again burst into warm applause. Under the impetus of the host, the meeting reached a climax again. Wonderful content sharing, melodious music, accompanied by soft lighting, under the witness of representatives of the leaders of the major communities and the guests, everyone took a group photo, and the FOCUS 2023 MACAO Web3 Builders Consensus Summit also came to a successful conclusion.