[Mario Battle] Create deep value coupling between traditional game industry and decentralized finance

When traditional games meet the metaverse, the traditional “Free to Play” has gradually evolved into the “Play to Earn” mode of the chain game world. This has also brought about tremendous changes in the entire game industry. Countless traditional game developers have set foot in the virtual world, hoping to gain first-mover advantage and absolute leadership in the new market of the Metaverse.

Just recently, Fils-Aimé, former president of Nintendo of America, said that the gaming industry is steadily incorporating elements of the metaverse into games. And established game companies like Nintendo, with their experience in building interactive and persistent worlds, will be at the forefront of the metaverse competition.


Based on the vision of being able to further integrate the concept of the Metaverse with DeFi, Giant Beast Legion and the Super Nintendo IP “Super Mario” have jointly created an NFT adventure chain game – MARIO BATTLE.

The world’s first aggregated community autonomous chain game

MARIO BATTLE integrates various decentralized encryption technologies such as DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, DAO, etc. It aims to allow everyone to freely schedule their own assets, build a truly decentralized ecosystem and value closed loop, and provide virtual and Reality builds connections, allowing all players to gain unlimited wealth in the process of the game.

Revolutionary encryption economic ecology

MARIO BATTLE uses DeFi financial mechanism, revolutionary token economy and DAO autonomy system to empower players with ecological governance rights, allowing players to obtain wealth rewards in the process of playing and ecological governance. In addition, MARIO BATTLE has developed a unique NFT non-fungible token asset to give each item in the game unique value attributes.

New chain play method

All players can experience the three major systems of level-breaking, training and trading with Uncle Mario in the world of MARIO BATTLE. Players pass through levels of different difficulty according to the direction of the game, collect other items in the process of passing the level to strengthen their own and Kebi’s ability, and the rich rewards obtained by passing the level will all be owned by the player.

Players can freely match their character appearance or upgrade their abilities. And all the NFT props obtained by players can be freely purchased and sold in the market, thus realizing the chain game ecology of “playing and earning”.

The evolutionary beginning of Web 3.0

MARIO BATTLE is not just an ordinary blockchain game. This ecology is not only a DAO autonomous ecology, but also a DeFi+NFT free financial ecology. All the value of MARIO BATTLE will be created by users, controlled by users, owned by users, and distributed by users, giving all players a free, fair, transparent, decentralized, high-value, low-threshold future network.

MARIO BATTLE may not be the “oasis” in [Ready Player One], but it is the first step for mankind to the metaverse world.

MARIO BATTLE brings NFT and Play To Earn models into the game world, allowing all players to experience the fusion of virtual and reality in advance. The DeFi+DAO ecology is added to the in-game loop, allowing all players to determine the development direction of the entire network in the process of “self-production and self-distribution” of value.

We believe that MARIO BATTLE will keep following the pace of the metaverse and “value freedom”, and realize a “value metaverse” that belongs to everyone in the near future.

At present, MARIO BATTLE is about to be launched globally, bringing infinite wealth opportunities and ecological innovation to players in the real world and the future metaverse!

All players are looking forward to the new game world brought by MARIO BATTLE, and all value users are looking forward to the infinite revenue market brought by MARIO BATTLE. Where will we see more value emerge? Please continue to pay attention to MARIO BATTLE’s official Twitter and telegram groups, and look forward to the arrival of the value era!

MARIO BATTLE official Twitter: https://twitter.com/mariobattle_/

MARIO BATTLE official telegram group: https://t.me/Mario_World01

When Web 3.0 meets UTG UltronGlow blockchain, consensus network brings value innovation again

The scenario most easily associated with the use of blockchain technology in the Internet field is the deep integration of edge computing and blockchain. This is because, in the platform management system of the new Internet, edge computing itself has strong distributed management characteristics, while the distributed consistency characteristics of blockchain technology is originally an open distributed management mechanism.

Edge Computing + Blockchain = Democracy of Data and Devices

The traditional Internet space is almost always based on a centralized structure of a single server. All interactions between devices and data upstream and downstream processing need to be uniformly processed by a centralized server. This phenomenon has clearly exposed such pain points as high server maintenance and construction cost, personal data security cannot be guaranteed, chain reaction after disaster, etc. Although the existing Internet has been trying its best to improve these aspects, but due to the limitations of the centralized server cannot be a large-scale reconstruction and system updates.


In this respect, the distributed edge computing network developed by UltronGlow (UltronGlow Blockchain, UTG) can improve the overall performance of almost all computing devices in the Internet.

Taking a group of industrial IoT devices as an example, each node of UltronGlow can act as a “dedicated server” for a certain IoT device to store and process data between different IoT devices in the same scenario; on the other hand, it can also connect devices in a certain area to the whole UTG network for unified and collaborative work. work. This system is more similar to a modular network, i.e., it “supports free collocation”.

The fragmented storage network developed by UTG under the same system can “host” the data to the edge computing servers and ensure the reliability and security of the data with the help of consensus network and Glow consensus mechanism, as well as provide a variety of future development methods such as charging for Internet devices by service type or storage type. It also provides more possibilities for the future development of Internet devices to charge by service type or storage type.

How to ensure network availability and security in UTG network?

In blockchain networks, one of the major challenges brought by decentralized features is how to ensure the authenticity and security of network data, and on top of that, add revenue models and anti-cheating and anti-attack mechanisms.

On this basis, UTG network established Glow consensus mechanism covering the whole ecological development stage. Glow consensus integrates four major consensus included PoS, PoSR, PoTS and PoSV, which play different roles in network bookkeeping, storage service provision, storage network rewards, anti-cheating and anti-attack, etc.

PoS Proof of Stake: responsible for block-out and transaction bookkeeping and block generation recording tasks on the UTG chain, providing PoS function-based rewards for all miners.

PoSR Proof of Storage Resource: providing storage resources to all users to support the UltronGlow blockchain system and PoSR rewards for resource providers.

PoTS Proof of Traded Storage: a reward will be issued for the provider when any storage resource is utilized or used for leasing.

PoSV Proof of Spacetime Verification: verifies the authenticity of any storage service in the UltronGlow network and provides incentives to users who perform the contract normally. Thus, fraud and false services are eliminated, and the stability of the foundation of the UTG network is guaranteed to the maximum.

After four types of consensus mechanisms are brought online, the four parties will be unified as Glow consensus mechanism. It can be envisioned that tens of billions of smart devices work together to support the development of UTG network operation, and the four types of consensus mechanisms have a complete reward and punishment system from basic network bookkeeping to storage resource allocation and reward.

Each point is exchanging data with each other all the time, so that each device can form its own “thinking”, and combined with the stronger privacy, efficiency, and security brought by the Glow consensus system, it will be able to completely realize the “democracy of devices” and create a more freely DAO System, combined with the greater privacy, efficiency, and security of the Glow Consensus mechanism, will enable a “democracy of devices” and create a more efficient digital world.

Swing Era—Decentralized Blockchain Sports Competitive Traffic Platform

With the global stage of the cryptocurrency myth, the “business revolution” brought by the blockchain is gradually recognized by people, and the application of the blockchain in finance, social networking, education, entertainment and other fields has also begun to create one miracle after another ‘s fruit. As a representative of the new and heavy application of blockchain in the traffic platform, Swing Era is the first to start a one-stop decentralized traffic ecological platform, which will completely subvert the ecology of sports and competitive games.

Founded in 2022, Swing Era is a blockchain-focused sports competition ecological platform dedicated to the integration and innovation of traditional Internet sports competitions and blockchain technology. Combining blockchain technology and token economic model, we will create a new blockchain value flow ecosystem that is decentralized, distributed, trusted, and shared rights, and actively promote the metaverse sports and competitive game ecosystem. At present, the Swing Era ecological construction token BGT has been connected to a decentralized wallet for transactions. The safe and guaranteed consumption based on smart contracts has been audited by professional institutions and favored by many users.

In the traditional sports ecosystem, participants (including game developers, game operators, retailers and service providers, etc.) all operate in their own unique environment, directly or indirectly providing services to players, which is a business with weak interaction. For this reason, Swing Era creates an open entertainment traffic platform with strong interaction and high adhesion based on blockchain technology to realize Real entertainment economic integration. Bring a new dimension to the entire game competition and related industry ecosystem, and make the entertainment world three-dimensional.

The Swing Era ecological founding team and technical team are a very experienced team. Team members have market and practical experience in DAPP development, DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, chain games, auctions, etc. They not only have strong technical capabilities, but also have Excellent scientific research ability, has achieved outstanding results in many fields. And Swing Era will be guided by the International Cue Club (International Cue Club), initiated by Swing Cue Club and Swing Era, and lead the research and development and operation. At that time, there will be top international billiard masters to help the entire industry development of Swing Era.

The “Hit to Earn” business model adopted by Swing Era is the latest development in the gaming industry. This model embraces the concept of an open economy capable of giving players ownership of in-game assets and allowing players to increase their value by actively playing the game. Restore the true nature of the game through the blockchain, allowing players from Hit-to-fun to Hit-to-earn, allowing all parties involved in the game entertainment ecosystem to share the maximum market dividends!

Digital Circulation launches “1+9 Free Access to Parallel Public Chain” program

As the world’s first card slot, Digital Circulation (DC) is free to use; it can realise an isomorphic, heterogeneous cross-chain network ecosystem, and the development and testing over a period of four years is gradually stabilising.

DC Laboratory plans to launch the “1+9 Free Access to Parallel Public Chain Program” in early September 2022, that is, the top ten parallel public chains, all card slots are accessed free of charge. At the same time, the DC technical team is responsible for leading access and continuously improving it. After the top ten parallel public links are stabilised, a “one-click access” treaty will be launched for enthusiasts around the world who are keen on blockchain network construction. Create a more convenient, efficient and easier-use blockchain network data transmission complex for the Web 3.0 era by linking and accelerating each other.

DC Laboratory

May 27, 2022

Solve the NFT liquidity problem to interpret the value capture road of MetEast

With the popularity of the crypto market, the market focus is no longer limited to the top mainstream currencies, but is gradually spreading to the emerging cryptocurrencies and networks – a more eye-catching and imaginative space. At the same time, for these new types of cryptocurrencies or digital assets, market acceptance is becoming greater and greater, with more virtual and real integration applications available. The NFT craze is undoubtedly the product of this trend, and is also a valuable investment conduit.

NFT transactions in 2021 exceeded $17.69 billion, and NFT transactions reached $26 billion in the first quarter of 2022, surpassing the total for the whole of the preceding year. Although the NFT market is rising, the threshold of entry is getting higher and higher, making it extremely difficult for small capital consumers to buy the leading NFTs, and ordinary users have become bystanders.

In addition to the high entry threshold, NFT liquidity problems are also troubling users. They are not as convenient to trade as homogenized tokens (such as BTC and ETH), and because of the non-homogeneous characteristics of NFT, the market price of each commodity is different. When an NFT is traded, the seller and the buyer must reach an agreement on the price. If the buyer thinks the seller’s price is excessively high, they will not buy.

Facing such difficulties, how can MetEast disrupt the game? How does it become a rule-changer in the NFT market? What opportunities will it bring to ordinary investors?

New power in the NFT market

As a dark horse in the NFT market in 2022, MetEast has better liquidity, autonomy and friendliness. In the MetEast ecosystem, investors can mint and trade an NFT through crypto asset agreements.

In order to take into account the rights and interests of coin holders and token inflation, MetEast has launched various ecological incentives. These are to attract participation and improve liquidity while reducing the incentive intensity of liquidity mining, thereby slowing the inflation rate of tokens.

MetEast combines macro monetary policy to realize token economic innovation, and is committed to improving the economic value of the platform tokens, increase the purchasing power of tokens, and bring more benefits to token holders. Users can get ME token through transactions, ecological incentives amongst other ways.

The total supply of ME Token is 1,000,000,000, of which 500,000,000 are allocated to the ESC ecology and 500,000,000 to the ETH ecology. The more valuable MetEast is as a platform, the more value is the ME token held by users.

Reward: 50% ME will be awarded to users for trading and casting;

Air drop: 15%ME will be put in an air drop to the user;

DAO: 10% ME will reward the DAO’s contribution to the community;

Team: 10% ME will belong to the team;

Ecology: 10%ME will be used for ecological cooperation;

Treasury: 5%ME C will be attributed to the community investment.

The NFT market is ushering in new opportunities: there will be a unicorn. At present, NFTs are regarded as the underlying core technology of the metaverse: which provides technical support for the generation, confirmation, pricing, circulation and traceability of digital assets. They are also representative of the digital assets held by users in the metaverse in the future. To some extent, it will effectively promote the root of the metaverse economy. Driven by metaverse and blockchain technology, NFTs will have a broader use-case prospective.

MetEast aims to become a value-sharing NFT platform that truly addresses NFT liquidity problems for all users while providing token rewards to creators and traders.

Detailed rules for the user rewards are as follows:

The minant (creator) can receive ME as a bonus, calculating formula = (ME released daily) * NFT volume they cast each day * 0.4

Traders can receive ME as a reward, calculating the formula = (ME released per day / total daily volume) * NFT volume they trade per day * 0.5

The DAO as the mint (creator) gets a bonus with the formula = (ME / total daily volume) * NFT volume they cast daily * 0.1

DAO gets a bonus as traders, calculating formula = (ME coins released per day / total daily volume) * NFT volume they trade per day * 0.1

Through ecological construction, closed-loop economy and other innovations, the strength of MetEast is constantly improved. For example, ME gives MetEast more valuable storage characteristics, and minting make MetEast more irreplaceable. MetEast has entered a positive cycle of development and enhanced its market position. The MetEast economy will spontaneously grow, thus creating a closed-loop economy, feeding back to creators and traders.

With the rise of digital natives and the growing demand for alternative investment, the NFT market is just beginning. There are successful projects and failed projects. Successful projects will be valued and fulfil market needs, continue to profit; failed exploration represents early player time and money, missing other opportunities that chose the wrong direction.

There are signs that MetEast is likely to be a dark horse in the NFT market over the next decade. MetEast combines creators, buyers and sellers more closely to create a better ecological environment for all NFT assets and become the infrastructure for blockchain technology to map the real world.

In the future, MetEast will also build an NFT ecosystem based on artificial intelligence, metaverse and other scenarios. It is foreseeable that MetEast will lead the new wave of an NFT 2.0 era.

Contact Us:

-Twitter: @Meteast2022

-Telegram: https://t.me/MetEastofficial

-Discord: https://discord.gg/s7DNxA8jd8

-Medium: https://medium.com/@Meteast2022

-Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/meteast2022

On May 24th, MetaTrads held an AMA on discord

Hi, MetaTrads fans in Discord! I am Bill who represents MetaTrads in the Discord community, and we’re thrilled to have Rebecca, the Director of Marketing in MetaTrads, join us in our AMA!

Hi, my name is Rebecca and I’m glad to be here with all of you!

I’m sure a lot of people are excited about MetaTrads’ development and information, so let’s get started!

Ok, let’s begin!

1. Can you start with a brief introduction to MetaTrads?

MetaTrads is an NFT aggregation trading platform founded by a group of geeks in Silicon Valley, the first to launch a new trade mining model, and received Multicoin Capital, LATOKEN, Deserve, Flipsidecrypto, and other overseas Capital investments, It aims to build the world’s largest NFT ecological value circulation platform and empower decentralized community construction by standing at the forefront of WEB 3.0.

We all know that NFT is very popular, but there are some problems in NFT trading, such as poor liquidity of NFT in the secondary market, high entry threshold, weak empowerment, and other problems.

The MetaTrads team was born to change that.

2. What do you think of the current development of the NFT industry?

There are three main problems facing NFT transactions:

First, the liquidity of the NFT secondary market is poor. High trading quota behind only a few giant series of NFT turnover.

Second, the barriers to entry are too high. The head of the valuable NFT value in the tens, hundreds of etheric starting, completely belongs to the rich game. Small-money traders find it hard to get in.

Third, NFT empowerment is weak. While the metaverse was still the tip of the iceberg, the gameplay of NFT was pretty flat, just dropping dividends and so on.

So NFT’s trading situation is in dire need of someone to break through the shackles. And I believe MetaTrads is leading the way.

3. I see. Do you believe MetaTrads has a better solution to the current problems facing NFT?

Yes, of course, the MetaTrads team has done a lot of innovation to address these issues.

In terms of technical implementation, the MetaTrads platform adopts Turing complete transaction engine, Layer 2 extensibility, other architecture engines, and a multi-chain asset circulation module to meet users’ requirements for GameFi asset liquidity such as purchase, sale, and auction.

At the same time, the transaction of property rights of every MetaTrads asset is guaranteed, and the consensus of property rights is established, which lays a solid foundation for MetaTrads to become the NFT circulation platform with the largest transaction volume and the largest number of user carriers in the world.

The economic logic is that MetaTrads returns the most sustainable and attractive platform revenue (trading fees) to NFT traders and platform promoters in a variety of ways.

For NFT traders, more participation in NFT trading can not only earn NFT premiums, but also earn MT in the process of trading, and obtain additional benefits derived from MT, such as platform commission dividends generated by LP stake, etc.

MetaTrads adds fun and monetization for platform promoters by joining the gamification team system, giving more than half of the platform’s revenue back to loyal preachers, fueling the platform’s continued rapid growth, and empowering the NFT industry. The preachers will experience innovative NFT circulation benefits, as more and more people participate in NFT transactions, and they can reap significant cash (USDT) benefits as the platform scales.

In terms of gameplay mechanism, MetaTrads has launched innovative mechanisms such as identity campaign and NFT synthesis to improve fighting power, which will effectively improve the current problem of insufficient liquidity of NFT, truly activate the secondary market of NFT, create a new round of rich effect, and make the platform become a milestone in the development of NFT industry.

4. According to your description, will MetaTrads launch an official NFT? How is it different from other NFTs?

Yes. The difference in NFT on the MetaTrads platform is mainly reflected in the value maintenance of NFT by the platform. The specific points are as follows:

First, the platform’s innovative gameplay increases the value of the official NFT. MetaTreds allows users to synthesize multiple NFT cards into one NFT card when the synthesize function is enabled. By burning and resynthesizing, the overall market for NFT is getting smaller and smaller. So, prices are rising steadily and reasonably.

Second, through the price mechanism to support the NFT to enable. Based on the price spiral mechanism, traders’ profit will promote trading, and NFT will obtain higher financial value.

Third, the quality of the NFT project is guaranteed. The Metatreds platform has a strict accreditation system for NFT products, which is used as a basis for the quality of NFT products.

All of these actions will keep official and certified NFT on MetaTrads in a high quality, scarce and valuable position.

5. So what’s so special about MetaTrads’s trade mining?

First, unlike LooksRare and X2Y2, MetaTrads uses a dual MT token and USDT reward system. Under this dual token reward system, users can get stable USDT revenue while pursuing long-term MT rewards.

Second, MetaTrads introduced a new trade mining logic: an initial daily fee of just 2%, but for each NFT sold, the trading fee will be 1.25 times the previous sale. Since the fee mark-up makes the speculator’s brush costs much higher, it is very powerful to prevent speculator brushes from affecting normal user transactions.

Third, the platform will take 10% of the trading fee income as an incentive to continue holding activities to give back to users who actively participate in trade mining, so that traders will be surprised.

Fourth, MetaTrads trading mining is not only tied to trading volume but also community identity and team system. The loyalty of user transactions is segmented by community identity, and the 45% trading fee is fairly awarded to platform promoters based on team activity.

6. When it comes to MetaTrads’ platform MT, does it have any advantages over other NFT tokens?

Yes. MT is the platform equity currency of MetaTrads. The direct explanation of MT is the reflection of the value of the trading platform itself.

MT reflects the market’s expectations for the development of the NFT exchange. Users who are optimistic about the platform can hold MT to rise and gain higher profits. Even if users don’t like it, they can still earn USDT trading fees by sharing trade mining.

Of course, the value of MT is expected to rise as the platform will maintain the value of MT tokens in a variety of ways. When the currency price keeps rising steadily, the trading volume of the platform will increase, and users’ income will increase accordingly, forming a benign closed loop. Only in this way can the platform achieve better development. In this way, the value of equity coin MT, which represents the development of the platform, will rise, and loyal users who participated in the early stage will also get good benefits from it.

As for specific maintenance methods, there are the following: 30% platform commission repurchase MT, multiple application scenarios such as using MT to deduct platform commission fee, 1%MT transaction discount point, and all MT of MetaTrads NFT synthetic payment are burned, etc.

7. What is the current development status of MetaTrads? How do we get involved?

Since last year, MetaTrads has stepped up technology development on the platform, as well as global community building. After months of promotion, MetaTrads now has a certain user base overseas, and many overseas fans have been looking forward to the official launch of the MetaTrads platform.

The good news is that after months of development and community building, MetaTrads is ready to go public.

On May 26, INO was officially launched, with a total of 60,000 MetaTrads NFT debuts worldwide. Of these, 50,000 were publicly available and 10,000 were airdropped on Discord and other channels. These NFTS will be used as the first seed NFTs to be mined in the MetaTrads deal, and their scarcity provides good protection for future value appreciation.

When INO is completed, IDO activities will be held. MetaTrads NFT holders are eligible to participate in IDO. In other words, owning MetaTrads NFT qualifies as a whitelist for MT subscriptions. A total of 12 million MT are involved in IDO, that is, each NFT holding address can subscribe for a maximum of 200 at a preferential price of 0.05U. It is worth noting that MetaTrads will not officially pre-mine any MT. IDO’s 12 million MT is all in circulation at the start of the platform, and the remaining MT is all fairly produced by trade mining.

After the successful completion of IDO, MT will first go online and anchor the currency price with Pancake, and then the MetaTrads trading platform will be officially unveiled, and users will start trade mining. From then on, MetaTrads will continue to hold various events to provide benefits, so that interested friends can keep an eye on the community.

Official Website: MetaTrads. IO

Discord: https://discord.gg/H7dQegcSNt

Telegram: https://t.me/MetaTradsEn

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MetaTradsreal

8. Do MetaTrads have any thoughts on the future development of NFT?

In the future, MetaTrads will look to NFT Fi, GameFi, metaverse, and other extended areas. Because the team has always believed that the multi-dimensional innovative NFT transaction is only the starting point and foundation of MetaTrads, the future value of the platform and equity tokens will spread out on this foundation and the space is infinite!

9. Currently, MetaTrads is referred to as the Binance of NFT track, and also as the next OpenSea. In fact, how do you position MetaTrads in your mind?

MetaTrads is at a very early stage of development and is not yet in the same league as the great whales of Binance and OpenSea. But, of course, we have big goals. We want to make MetaTrads as good a product as Binance. With a reasonable economic model and satisfactory platform token price to leverage the real value of the platform, promote the healthy development of the NFT secondary market. We believe that day will come soon.

10. Why isn’t MetaTrads the next OpenSea when every NFT platform is pitching itself as the next?

First, I’d like to stress that the OpenSea team is excellent and the product is the most user-friendly in the industry. However, MetaTrads will not go in the same direction as OpenSea. OpenSea was conceived as a friendly trading platform for NFT enthusiasts, but it was born to serve the WEB2.0 world. I think it makes sense, however, I believe it won’t work in the future WEB3.0 world.

The essence of WEB3.0 is that users use and discard products, and users go where products work and make money, without any barriers. Therefore, how the platform builds a sound economic model is just as important as the quality of the product, if not more so. Unlike OpenSea, MetaTrads focuses not only on product polishing but also on economic model design, because we want MetaTrads to go further and shine in WEB3.0.

Thank you, Rebecca, that’s all my questions. I wish the MetaTrads will fly high up to the moon, like all we expected!

Thank you to all fans in the MetaTrads!

Thank you everyone for participating in the AMA in Discord, we will meet again in the MetaTrads!

MetaTrads, A new generation of NFT trading platform

On May 20, Elliott, head of MetaTrads Asia, visited the nightshade community and held an AMA event to learn more about MetaTrads. Here is a recap of the AMA event:


1. Recently when we think of NFT, we think of MetaTrads, how did MetaTrads come about?

We all know that NFTs are very popular, but NFT transactions actually have certain problems. For example, the liquidity of NFTs in the secondary market is very poor, the entry threshold is high, and the empowerment is weak.

The MetaTrads team actually wants to work on changing the status quo.

Therefore, a group of geeks in Silicon Valley, that is, the technical team of MetaTrads, founded this new NFT trading platform to open a new generation of transaction mining mode. Now it has obtained multiple overseas capital investments such as Multicoin Capital, LATOKEN, Deserve, flipsidecrypto, etc.

2. What does MetaTrads say about the current NFT situation?

NFT transactions mainly face three major problems:

First, the NFT secondary market has poor liquidity. Behind the high transaction quota, there are actually only a few giant series of NFTs in the turnover.

Second, the entry barrier is too high. The value of the valuable NFT in the head is more than a dozen, starting with hundreds of ethers, and it belongs to the game of the rich. It is difficult for traders with small capital to enter the market.

Third, NFT empowerment is weak. When the Metaverse is still the tip of the iceberg, the gameplay of NFTs is also very monotonous, and it is just a gameplay such as airdrop dividends.

So in fact, the current status of NFT transactions is in urgent need of someone to break through these shackles. And MetaTrads is the pioneer in this change.

3. Do MetaTrads have a solution to the current problems facing NFT?

Of course, the MetaTrads team has done a lot of innovation to solve these problems.

For the problem of poor liquidity in the NFT secondary market, the platform will solve the problem from the underlying economic logic, because MetaTrads adopts a dual-token transaction mining reward mechanism. As long as you trade on the platform, you can get usdt and MT tokens as rewards, thus encouraging Users trade NFTs. Of course, in order to achieve good results, the platform will maintain the value of MT tokens.

In terms of NFT empowerment, the platform is more demanding of perfection, innovating NFT synthesis and other gameplay, and using multiple methods such as price increase mechanism and review mechanism to empower NFT, don’t worry about these points.

4、 What’s different about MetaTrads’ NFT?

First of all, MetaTrads has made a big innovation in the way of NFT transaction mining. In traditional NFT transaction mining, the trading platform is very dependent on the price of the platform currency, because the reward obtained by the user’s transaction mining is the platform currency. When the platform currency fluctuates greatly, the user’s income will drop sharply, triggering a sell-off, and the platform will fall into a spiral of death. Therefore, MetaTrads is the first to make changes, adopting the dual reward model of USDT and MT trading and mining, so that MetaTrads NFT can develop more stably and its value can be transferred better.

In addition, apart from the differences in transaction modes, in fact, the differences in NFTs on the MetaTrads platform are mainly reflected in the value maintenance of NFTs by the platform. The value of NFTs on the MetaTrads platform is even higher. The platform maintains the value of NFT mainly in three ways.

First, the innovative gameplay of the platform increases the value of the official NFT. The MetaTrads platform will open the synthesis method. When the synthesis function is enabled, users can synthesise multiple NFT cards in their hands into one NFT card. Through destruction and resynthesis, the overall market circulation of NFT is less and less. So prices are rising steadily and reasonably.

Second, empower NFT through the price increase mechanism. Based on the price spiral mechanism, traders are more profitable to promote transactions, and NFT can obtain higher financial value.

Third, the quality of NFT projects is guaranteed. The MetaTrads platform adopts a strict NFT project listing review mechanism. This review mechanism will provide a foundation for the quality of the online NFTs.

The above series of measures will keep certified NFTs on MetaTrads in a high-quality, scarce and valuable position.

5、 What’s so special about Trade Mining at MetaTrads?

First, unlike LooksRare and x2y2, MetaTrads adopts a dual-reward mechanism of MT tokens and USDT. Under such a dual-token reward mechanism, users can not only obtain stable Usdt income, but also pursue long-term development of MT rewards.

Second, the MetaTrads platform has launched a new transaction mining logic: the initial daily fee is only 2%, but each time NFT is sold, the transaction fee will be 1.25 times the previous sale. This will be a very powerful deterrent for the speculators since the fee bonus makes the brushing cost for the speculators significantly higher.

Third, the platform will use 10% of the transaction fee income as activity incentives, and continue to hold activities to reward users who actively participate in transaction mining, so that traders can get surprise benefits.

Fourth, the transaction mining of MetaTrads is not only linked to the transaction volume, but also joins the community identity and team system. The loyalty of user transactions is distinguished by community identity, and 45% of transaction fees are fairly rewarded to platform promoters according to the team’s activity.

6、 Speaking of MT tokens, is there any advantage in trading?

MT is the platform equity currency of MetaTrads. To put it bluntly, it is a reflection of the value of the trading platform itself.

MT reflects the market’s development expectations for this platform. Users who are optimistic about the platform can hold MT to rise and gain higher profits. Even if it is not optimistic, it is still possible to share the USDT transaction fee profit through transaction mining.

Since the platform will maintain the value of MT tokens in various ways, such as 30% of the platform fee to buy back MT, use MT to deduct platform fees and other application scenarios, as well as 1% of MT transaction points and all MetaTrads NFTs All MT for synthetic payment will be destroyed, etc. When the currency price maintains a steady rise, the trading volume of the platform will increase, and the income of users will increase accordingly, forming a benign closed loop, and the platform can develop better, so that the value of the equity currency MT, which represents the development of the platform, will increase. Loyal users who participate can also reap extraordinary benefits.

7、How is the MetaTrads?

Since last year, MetaTrads has not only stepped up the technical development of the platform, but also carried out global community building. After months of promotion, it now has a certain user base overseas, and many overseas fans have been looking forward to the official launch of the MetaTrads platform.

8、How to participate?

After months of development and community building, MetaTrads is about to become available to the public.

On May 26th, INO officially started. A total of 60,000 MetaTrads NFTs were launched worldwide, of which 50,000 were publicly available, and 10,000 were used for airdrops on Discord and other channels. These NFTs will be used as the first batch of seed NFTs for MetaTrads transaction mining, and their scarcity provides a good guarantee for future value increases.

When the INO is completed, the IDO event will follow. Users who hold MetaTrads NFT are eligible to participate in IDO. In other words, owning MetaTrads NFT will get the whitelist qualification for MT subscription. There are a total of 12 million MTs participating in IDO, that is, each NFT-holding address can subscribe for a maximum of 200 MTs at a discounted price of 0.05u. It is worth noting that MetaTrads officially does not pre-mine any MT. The 12 million MT of IDO is the entire circulation of the platform when the platform is launched, and the remaining MT is all fairly produced by transaction mining.

After the successful completion of IDO, MT will first launch Pancake to anchor the currency price, and then the MetaTrads trading platform will be officially launched, and users will start trading and mining. Since then, MetaTrads will continue to hold various activities to distribute benefits, and interested friends can pay close attention to community-related information.

Website: MetaTrads.io




9. Do MetaTrads have any thoughts on the future development of NFT beyond the metaverse?

MetaTrads will focus on NFT Fi, GameFi, Metaverse and other extended fields in the future.

Because the team has always believed that the multi-dimensional and innovative NFT transaction is only the starting point and foundation of MetaTrads, and the future value of the platform and equity tokens will spread on this foundation, with unlimited space.


This is followed by a free Q&A session:

1. What is the price of the public offering, is it the same as the airdrop of 10,000 nft rights? How many can one person buy?

The price of IDO is 0.05u/MT, and only users who hold NFT are eligible to subscribe. 10,000 airdrops will be released later, please pay attention to the official Twitter or discord. The links are https://twitter.com/MetaTradsreal and https://discord.gg/H7dQegcSNt

2. Which links are currently supported, and which wallets can be used?

Currently supports bsc, and will support multi-chain in the future. Wallets such as bitkeep, metamask and tokenpocket can be operated

3. What does it mean that the MetaTrads platform adopts the dual-currency system for mining? Do I have to use MT and USDT as collateral for mining or do I need to consume MT and USDT?

No, no, that means double the payout, not the double spend. Meaning, when you trade NFT, you can get MT and USDT

4. Right now, the market is undergoing drastic adjustment and the risks are great, but it is also a great opportunity to develop projects. What are the characteristics of your project and how can your development strategy compete and stand out from other projects?

The highlight of this project is that through reasonable economic logic, users can carry out transaction mining, obtain usdt cash incentives and MT token rewards, thereby releasing the liquidity of NFT. In addition, there are fascinating gamified clan mechanics, allowing players to get more benefits in the battle. The platform will return 85% of the handling fee to players in various ways to achieve a truly powerful NFT trading platform.

5. The MetaTrads platform has launched a new transaction mining logic: the initial daily handling fee is only 2%, but each time NFT is sold, the transaction fee will be 1.25 times that of the previous sale. So, will the user not want to continue mining in the future because the handling fee is too high?

When the fees are too high, users will naturally choose other NFT transactions. In addition, when the handling fee is higher, the reward amount shared by the whole network is also higher. In short, MetaTrads will give the power of choice to the market, allowing players to choose for themselves.

BOB Sports, building a new LEGO for the block sports economy

Introduction: The BOB ecosystem will build a strong sports competition ecosystem, integrating NFT+DEFI+DAO+Metaverse+Free Agreement+Equity model, empowering global sports fans and users, and truly realizing the circulation and users of the global sports competition ecosystem return of behavior.

BOB ecological prosperity and diversity

At present, on-chain sports are significantly changing the experience of sports fans, and are becoming an indispensable emerging source of income for sports leagues and teams. There are countless sports organizations, enterprises, and stars that have recently entered the crypto industry. Connect with resources to break new ground in the hot digital field. BOB Sport·As a new sports economic project based on blockchain, with the blessing of many institutions and fans, the dark horse has risen and become a popular digital sports economy.

Based on the BSC smart chain, BOB ecology will build a consensus, co-creation, and win-win sports competition decentralized and autonomous behavioral value network. With BOB as an incentive, corresponding equity incentive dividends will realize the rapid deployment of distributed nodes in global sports competitions. Jointly promote BOB DAO’s entire network to build a global sports community consensus. The BOB ecology consists of sports activities in which all parties coordinate, care, symbiotic and integrate, and develop together to build relationships or connections, and advocate a healthy, civilized and harmonious DAO organization model, so as to maintain the harmony and development of the sports world on the chain.

The BOB network is based on the BOB DAO community, a distributed node network corresponding to the characteristics of the equity “sports value network”, and shares the huge sports business value created in the future with all participants. The composition of the entire BOBDAO network comes from a more fair and trustworthy idea, for which we will implement it and defend it.

BOB ecology empowers the world

The BOB ecology allows user data and behavior to give sports competitions and sports events a new highly autonomous sports competition protocol ecology based on the “new value return to user distribution mechanism”. Consensus, co-creation, and win-win decentralized autonomous behavioral sports competition network ecology.


The BOB ecosystem serves many applications such as digital assets, chain games, and metaverse. The infrastructure of the metaverse promotes the sports revolution on the chain through an open digital economic ecology, forming an open digital economy, and through its own protocols, cards The brand agreement and node agreement feedback users in all directions, so that the sports ecological players can continue to benefit. Each agreement of the BOB sports competition chain reform agreement is open and can be accessed and used by anyone. The BOB sports competition chain reform protocol can link any centralized sports event scene through the Defi application, and establish financial services that are different from traditional financial and political systems.

What BOB builds is a decentralized, secure, non-custodial digital encrypted asset mortgage lending protocol, dedicated to building a new generation of decentralized lending market. In the BOB ecosystem, chain reform, lending, liquidity mining, and derivatives are highly combinable, giving birth to infinite possibilities and ways to play. Users can enjoy maximizing output income and generate income according to real-time computing power. High and low, switch funds to higher-yielding high-quality sectors for STAKING or liquidity mining, providing investors with higher returns.

Conclusion: Whether it is NFT blockchain or offline real economy, new business models are prompting enterprises or brands to transform to Web3.0 and move closer to Web3.0, and sports are no exception. The commercial value of BOB ecology may become a traditional market. And the “next stop diva” driven by the crypto market.

GetDAO Platform – A Diverse DeFi Ecosystem

GetDAO is a decentralized exchange, providing liquidity and enabling peer-to-peer transactions on the Binance Network. We are currently the leading DEX on the network. The goal is to provide a comprehensive and convenient, one-stop platform for the cryptocurrency community.

GetDAO is committed to becoming the next epoch-making decentralized / community-driven DAO platform ecosystem.

Bringing Crypto to the World! A Diverse DeFi Ecosystem.

Swap, earn, farm, and launch your projects, powered by DeFi.

图形用户界面, 应用程序


The GetDAO platform therefore provides a seamless and reliable trading experience.

GetDAO is a DECENTRALIZED EXCHANGE PROTOCOL a platform where to swap & trade tokens and coins safe & fast, based on the binance smart chain network (BSC).

Bringing swap & exchange of cryptocurrencies to a clean trading environment.

Brings investments of kind products to a high APY earnings percentage and in a fair distributed system of farming & staking.

Trading digital currencies on GetDAO is an exciting approach with no execution delays or unnecessary distractions. Every trade is instant and relies on one of the decentral smart contracts that are safely deployed on the blockchain.

An easy tool swap coins & tokens and provide liquidity to pools to satisfy the power of safe earnings & profits.

Website: https://www.getdao.global/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GetDAOGlobal

Telegram Announcement: https://t.me/GetDAOAnnouncement

Telegram: https://t.me/GetDaoGlobal

Contract address: 0xaA52bcC8F43c4A3E95102E18CaD068ec6DFB8075




MoonDAO could send users to outer space with a free NFT collection

  • MoonDAO has purchased two tickets to space with Blue Origin and will select the astronauts through a public drawing and other contest features.

  • Anyone can win a chance to go to space by minting a “Ticket to Space” NFT. One must be on the Moonlist to mint.

  • The NFT tickets go on sale on May 29, at 3 pm UTC and are free to mint.

On May 5, MoonDAO announced it had purchased tickets on Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket to fly to space. Today, MoonDAO has announced the holders of its new “Ticket to Space” nonfungible token (NFT) collection can win a seat on the trip.

To make the opportunity available to anyone, MoonDAO is giving away each of its “Ticket to Space” NFTs for free, letting anyone mint the NFTs and fly to space on a Blue Origin rocket. There will be 9,060 “Ticket to Space” NFTs available to mint, with one mint per person enforced. Users must be on the Moonlist ahead of time to enter.

Minting free ‘Ticket to Space’ NFTs

In order to mint one of MoonDAO’s free “Ticket to Space” NFTs, enroll on MoonDAO’s Moonlist here: app.verisoul.xyz/moondao.

Getting on the Moonlist is easy: Users can register their Twitter or Discord and verify themselves with ID. Being on the Moonlist places them on a list to mint NFTs on May 29, at 3 pm UTC.

How will MoonDAO choose who flies to space?

On June 5, a snapshot will be taken of all “Ticket to Space” NFT holders. Each holder will be entered into a random public drawing. The winners of MoonDAO’s astronaut-selection process can fly to space, providing each individual also meets Blue Origin’s flight requirements. Blue Origin reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to evaluate all potential individuals and approve or deny access for any voyage.

Perks of the ‘Ticket to Space’ NFT

Aside from a chance to go to space, NFT holders will also be airdropped MOONEY, the decentralized autonomous organization’s (DAO’s) governance token, and vote on MoonDAO decisions. NFT holders will be fully-fledged DAO members with perks such as special access to future DAO projects, special-event access such as a party for spacefaring members and access to NFT holder-exclusive parts of the platform’s Discord.

MoonDAO’s origin story

Founded in November 2021, MoonDAO is a DAO united by the mission of decentralizing access to space research and exploration. It launched on Juicebox with an initial fundraising goal of $450,000 to send members into space and achieved huge success with 2,623 Ether (ETH) — equivalent to roughly $8.3 million at closing — raised by the community.

The community currently has a treasury of more than $40 million. Its recent space-travel project for its community represents MoonDAO’s first major milestone in space exploration, but this is only the first mission: the platform has a multi-year roadmap ahead.

What’s next for MoonDAO?

MoonDAO has an ambitious mission to decentralize access to space research and exploration and is focused on building a new type of organization that facilitates international collaboration for space-related projects.

In line with this mission, MoonDAO has recently launched the MoonDAO Projects Program, which offers anyone worldwide up to $50,000 for the first month for projects promoting MoonDAO’s stated mission. The projects are wide-ranging and can involve research, engineering, governance, international space collaboration or art. Current projects in the MoonDAO pipeline include the construction of a MoonDAO satellite, the production of the first music video filmed in space and preliminary projects leading to the design of a MoonDAO rocket.

How to join MoonDAO?

Anyone can join MoonDAO by joining the MoonDAO Discord. Contributors can also purchase MoonDAO’s governance token MOONEY, giving token holders the right to govern the DAO and help lead humanity toward an intergalactic future while bringing everyone along for the ride.

There is no expectation of profit with the MOONEY token; it is a governance token. No one receives fractionalized ownership of the DAO’s assets in exchange for the token. Check the FAQs for more information and disclaimers.

For more information:

Read the first blog article introducing MoonDAO.