Etheric intelligence consensus and value set sail, the dark horse with ReBASE broke out

The concept of the blockchain field is proposed very quickly, there are hot topics at all times, and each stage has a new thing.

Recently, the popularity of the DeFi field is now shifting from the AC system to the Rebase system.


The current global market enthusiasm is primarily the mainstream Bitcoin. In addition, the DeFi field seems to be sluggish. But in fact, the Rebase project is quietly growing crazily. From budding to small giants, all this seems to happen overnight. Let us reveal the latest hot spot, Rebase, the latest hot spot!

At the same time, current blockchain projects tend to sacrifice a certain degree of decentralization in order to achieve higher performance. The future world is in a mixed form. Any path will be explored. The ultimate decision is human needs, not technology itself. Regardless of whether it is centralization or decentralization, in the end, a sufficiently solid value proposition is required. This value proposition will be sustainable or unsustainable for a long time because of its characteristics. If we can give full play to our advantages in their respective fields, will it be the future development direction to form a form of mixed progress at different levels?


In the Rebase1.0 stage, the supply and demand relationship of currency was adjusted through the simple and crude principle of inflation and deflation. But in addition to the limited application scenarios, the biggest problem is that it is prone to “death spiral” stepping, because when the currency value is less than 1, it will trigger panic among the holders, so in this case, we must reduce users. To achieve the purpose of deflation with the coins in hand, it will cause further panic, then continue to increase selling pressure, and then more panic… Such a vicious circle is called a “death spiral”.

And Rebase2.0 improves the shortcomings of the ever-changing wallet balance in the previous rebase mechanism. The purpose is to increase the application scenarios of rebase stable coins and solve the “death spiral” problem.

To what extent Rebase will develop in the future, we don’t know, but we can be sure that Rebase will develop in a more stable and convenient way.


Etheric intelligencex is essentially a new type of cryptocurrency. Its supply is flexible and can be changed every day. At the same time, the Etheric intelligence tokens in the hands of holders will never be diluted.

In the short term, Etheric intelligencex aims to diversify the cryptocurrency portfolio by comparing it with other cryptocurrencies. In the medium term, its goal is to serve as collateral in the DeFi agreement. The long-term goal of Etheric intelligence is to create an alternative to central bank currencies that can adapt to shocks. Regarding the Etheric intelligence tokens, remember that in addition to the price, you must look at the number of tokens to combine the specific circumstances of your personal investment portfolio.

In the future, many people will be willing to trade with smart traders on decentralized exchanges. If you want to implement centralized exchanges on decentralized exchanges, buying low and selling high in advance is as convenient as commissioned trading. , Then you need to use the Ethereum smart transaction, you must hold the EI currency, put the EI currency in the Ethereum smart trader’s contract, use it for one day, and withdraw the currency at any time if you don’t want to use it; so EI currency The value of at least one hundred times currency and thousand times currency, the sooner you hold the more money.


We have also gained a lot of knowledge about the launch of Uniswap and will conduct powerful anti-robot measurements to prevent the front end from running and ensure that our ReBASE launch is as smooth as possible.

Chinese tea brand KOUCHA is in line with the international standards, landing on the NASDAQ screen

Since ancient times, drinking Chinese tea has been one of the most important activities to regulate the mind, nourish the nature and relax. In today’s fast-paced modern society, it seems difficult to calm down and enjoy a cup of tea, which is even more unimaginable for today’s young white-collar workers.

Suzhou KOUCHA Catering Management Co., Ltd. established the KOUCHA brand in 2016. Adhering to the brand concept of “Tea should be Chinese style”, the founding team of KOUCHA is committed to creating a tea brand integrating traditional Chinese style and current trend, developing the market in the form of chain, creating a new tea brand containing National style culture, and leading a new tea brand. “KOU” comes from “cardamom years”, which symbolizes youth, rebirth and hope. Just as KOUCHA hopes to inject this vigorous vitality into the traditional tea, and strive to create a new experience of tea consumption by colliding with the modern trend culture. KOUCHA hopes to convey its sincerity and enthusiasm for Chinese tea culture to every consumer.

“KOU CHA” image and store decoration are constructed by Chinese style image. Brand image logo comes from Chinese classical elements, because the positioning of milk tea drinks is highly consistent with Chinese classical culture, it is easy to cause psychological resonance of consumers. Secondly, the main colors of the brand space design are red, blue, gray and yellow, which are in line with the latest trend design concept, supplemented by various national fashion elements. In addition, various types of Chinese style murals and logo images are matched in the store to render the theme and form the street trend style.


As the pioneer leader of Guofeng tea, KOUCHA has created many original varieties, such as Bigen oolong, Yanyun Hongpao, Zhizhi series, xianguomanman series, etc., and is committed to presenting the classic tea fragrance from the world. With inspiration, design and new tea flavor in each product, KOUCHA continuously promotes Guofeng good tea with unlimited creativity. With natural tea, fresh fruits and vegetables, pure way, warm works and comfortable environment, we can create a way of life belonging to KOUCHA tea, so that every friend we meet can relax their nerves and show their best to life.

In terms of raw materials, the raw leaf tea is used to make the tea base, and the salty and sweet green root fruit and fresh wheat germ are used as ingredients. Other raw materials also need to be strictly tested, and only those meeting the standards will be used. This kind of painstaking effort is reflected in the product, which ensures the taste and quality of the product. On the external packaging, it is exclusively drawn by the independent designer of Hong Kong, and the style of customized illustration cup is updated every quarter to make the tea cup into the characteristic culture of KOUCHA. Each different cup not only has super high color value, but also has collection value and commemorative significance, forming a new type of tea with Chinese local flavor.


In the brand image design of the store, KOUCHA has the elements of flowers, trees, calligraphy and so on, which are integrated into the Chinese style, making it completely different from the common desktop, American, Japanese and the tea shops that can’t see the style. At the same time, it also has upgraded Suzhou garden landscape elements and neoclassical Chinese style element design. It not only meets the high requirements of consumer groups for product quality and appearance, but also makes young consumers more willing to publicize in the circle of friends, making the impression of Chinese style of KOUCHA deeply in every consumer’s heart.


Recently, KOUCHA has been on the NASDAQ screen in New York City. The NASDAQ screen in Times Square is known as the world’s first screen. New York is an important financial and economic center in the world. Times Square is a world-class landmark in the center of New York City, integrating culture and finance. It has a history of more than 100 years. It is located in Manhattan, New York City, with more than 40 shopping malls nearby And theater, including ABC and many other world news media have studios and news centers here. Because of its world status and popularity, it is also known as “the crossroads of the world”.


At present, Chinese tea culture should go abroad. Chinese tea culture has a long history. We should believe that it has a strong appeal and rich connotation, and it is a sunrise industry that can become one of Chinese traditional culture and go abroad. At the same time, we should turn the traditional fashion and trend into the national trend favored by young people to attract more people to like Chinese tea culture. Lin Jialiang, founder and CEO of KOUCHA, believes that consumers are changing, and the market will change accordingly. Brand of KOUCHA should take the Chinese style as the core, continuously improve and optimize according to the market feedback, and launch new products in different seasons to meet the diversified needs. Only in this way can consumers be moved and the brand be spread.

Ethereum’s Road to $2K: 3 Reasons to Be Bullish

Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, set . This is the first time the digital asset has been over the $1,400 level since Jan. 13, 2018. Ethereum’s YTD gains now total 66.15% – over 6x higher than the leading cryptocurrency and outstripping both Polkadot (DOT) and Chainlink (LINK). Despite experiencing a temporary correction, it is still one of the strongest performers among the top 10 assets.

While there were no obvious fundamental catalysts to spur the rise to a new all-time high, ether had been close to breaking the key level for over two weeks after climbing to $1,350 on Jan. 10. The exponentially growing market for decentralized finance, known as DeFi – which now holds over worth of crypto assets in its protocols – was also a likely contributor to the bullish momentum behind the asset. Now, with Ethereum heading closer towards uncharted territory, all eyes will be on the second-largest cryptocurrency hitting its next major milestone, the psychological $2,000 mark. This fabled level is more than a 50% gain away from the current price (at press time), but there are 3 major events scheduled to go live in 2021 that could help make this possible.

1. CME Ethereum Futures

The world’s largest derivatives platform, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), publicly on Dec. 16 its plans to launch Ethereum futures by Feb. 8, provided it receives regulatory approval from the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). Derivatives are essentially trading contracts that allow investors to bet on the future price of an underlying asset without having to actually own it.

This new cash-settled financial product – which means any profits made will be paid out in US dollars as opposed to ether – comes three years after the exchange launched bitcoin futures, which is now the world’s bitcoin futures product and accounts for over 20% of all open contracts.

The arrival of Ethereum futures will ultimately bring more maturity to the crypto market and, although futures are not physically delivered, greater liquidity. This is beneficial because it will give institutional investors in particular the opportunity to hedge positions, which reduces overall risk and in turn makes Ethereum a much more attractive investment. 

2. Ether Burning and Predictable Fees

Any action carried out on Ethereum-based decentralized applications () or protocols are treated as transactions, which require a fee attached to them to encourage miners to process them. Right now, transaction fees are determined via an auction-style system where users who attach the highest fees to their transactions get them processed the quickest by miners. This system causes a number of issues, namely unpredictable and often extremely high fees during periods of heavy congestion. Network congestion arises whenever there’s a spike in trading activity. For example, if ethereum’s price changes sharply and thousands of traders suddenly want to enter or exit the market around the same time. 

EIP is an Ethereum Improvement Proposal put forward by the project’s co-founder Vitalik Buterin, along with developers Eric Corner, Ian Norden, Rick Dudley, and Matthew Slipper, to implement changes to the way ether transaction fees are presented to users, as well as the management of ethereum’s supply. EIP 1559 suggests scrapping the current auction-style fee system in favor of an algorithmically determined base cost, called the “BASEFEE.” The BASEFEE aims to introduce a uniform fee across all ethereum-centric platforms and services that rises and falls depending on network activity. This means no more fee discrepancies between compatible wallets, protocols, and exchanges. The EIP does, however, include an option for users to tip miners should they want their transaction processed faster. The second function of EIP 1559, and the one that will likely have the greatest impact on Ethereum’s future price, is the introduction of burning ether. Burning means completely removing tokens from existence, causing a reduction in the circulating supply. EIP 1559 plans to burn the BASEFEE so the vast majority of the ether used to process transactions is destroyed as opposed to being given to network validators. 

The idea is this will encourage the steady deflation of ether, which, in turn, should help bolster prices over time. 

The EIP is anticipated to go live sometime after the , which could be as early as February.  

3. Ethereum 2.0 Phase 1 Rollout

Ethereum is in the process of transitioning from a blockchain to one that operates using a consensus mechanism, with the goal of becoming a faster, more efficient, and more scalable platform. There are four separate phases to the Ethereum – Phase 0, Phase 1, Phase 1.5 and Phase 2 – each laying the technical foundation for the next until the final phase is completed.

Phase 0 went live on Dec. 1, 2020, and saw the implementation of the Beacon Chain – a new blockchain layer that will coordinate activity between individual Ethereum chains.

Phase 1 is the next stage in Ethereum’s development and will see the launch of 64 shard chains. All transaction activity across the network will eventually be divided among and processed by these separate blockchains. The benefits of this new system will be that transactions won’t need to be validated by the entire network, only by a single shard chain. This will greatly reduce the time it takes to confirm transactions, and it means the overall network will be capable of handling significantly higher volumes without suffering the level of congestion it currently does.

While there is no confirmed date for the launch of Phase 1, it’s expected to arrive sometime this year.

Jim Cramer Tells $731M Powerball Winner to Put 5% in Bitcoin

Stock-picking personality Jim Cramer recommended the unknown Maryland-based winner of Wednesday’s $731 million Powerball jackpot allocate 5% of his or her newfound fortune in bitcoin.

Jim Cramer Tells $731M Powerball Winner to Put 5% in Bitcoin

“You know what, if you won the lottery – Yes, I’m gonna say it: 5% in bitcoin,” Cramer said Thursday night on his .

His investment advice, of course, came with a few caveats: Don’t buy the bitcoin all at once, don’t buy it on the weekend. “Crypto could be incredibly volatile,” he said on the day tanked 13%.

Cramer identified bitcoin as an “important new store of value.”

His words echoed the philosophy preached by MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor, the tech executive with well over $1 billion of corporate cash plunked into bitcoin. Saylor has called bitcoin humanity’s ideal value storage mechanism.

Cramer, who owns bitcoin, is not exactly a Saylor-like disciple of the cryptocurrency some have claimed is tantamount to a . Cramer has expressed concerns over and erratic trading on his CNBC show in the past.

Cramer framed his recommendations, which also included allocations in art, real estate and physical gold alongside more mainstream plays like stocks and bonds, as tailored for a super-rich investor in a world where hyperinflation reigns.

“If you’re already rich, you have to worry about inflation the same way Superman worries about Kryptonite. Because it’s the only thing that can really wipe you out. And given the way we’re spending like drunken sailors in this country, it may be an issue,” said Cramer.

Why is Digital Circulation an innovation from 0 to 1?

Real innovation is an order of magnitude up relative to the old.Because innovation creates new things, it can form a qualitative leap.This is the process from 0 to 1 described by digital circulation.In contrast, competition is from 1 to N. competition replaces what existed before and replicates it, pursues perfection and distinguishes it only by small changes.


Bitcoin is an innovation.It’s an improvement on the order of 0 to 1, really creating something new.When bitcoin blockchain was born in 2009, it monopolized the cryptocurrency market.It’s in an industry where it can dominate everything.People who recognize this early can make a lot of money.


Using the mature concept of bitcoin to develop Ethereum is another innovation.This is another improvement on the order of 0 to 1, really creating something new.When the main network of Ethereum was founded in 2015, it monopolized the smart contract market.It’s in its own business.It’s a few years ahead in that professional market, where it can dominate.People who recognize this early can make a lot of money.



From 0 to 1 of digital circulation

At present, digital circulation is innovating along the governance level.The governance system creates a symbiotic relationship between people and machines, similar to Amazon’s fraud detection program.From the experience, we know that the encryption economic system often breaks along the social line.They break along the social line because they are economic systems, and economics is a discipline that studies human behavior.It is impossible for human behavior to be separated from the economic system like a variable in the algebraic equation.Economics is not like that.Because the encrypted economic network is really useful only when human beings interact with it, an effective governance system is necessary for the successful settlement of disputes and the maintenance of network cohesion.

Compared with the previous system, digital circulation is at least an order of magnitude improvement, involving many aspects: governance, inter chain communication, dynamic upgrade without coordinating hard forks.In 2020, when the relay chain is born, it will form a monopoly or near monopoly situation in every dimension of innovation.Multi dimensional parallel innovation makes digital circulation unique.People who have long recognized this should be able to make a lot of money.



DC is a tool to promote blockchain innovation

The founder of DC once said that digital circulation is not only a means to promote blockchain experiments, but also a tool to make blockchain innovation closer to the landing output.

Digital circulation is a heterogeneous multi chain system.Heterogeneity is that the nature of blockchain (storage mode, storage content, execution mode, etc.) is completely flexible.Digital circulation has no excessive restriction on its internal multi chain structure.They don’t even need to be blockchains, they just need to meet a few criteria.All of these chains (or whatever ideology they are) can exchange messages (or values) in a way that requires little trust (the cost of trust is extremely low).


Digital circulation is a magic project. Bitcoin has created blockchain 1.0, realizing real point-to-point transactions through distributed ledger; Ethereum has created blockchain 2.0, making Turing a complete super virtual “computer”; digital is committed to realizing chain to chain interactionCirculation is expected to open the door of blockchain 4.0, which can be called the cornerstone of the new Internet.

Lion King – One of the most popular DeFi project that you should pay attention to

Fairness and Transparency are the soul of finance and the unremitting pursuit of every investor. However, we need a new technology that can guarantee fairness even human civilization highly developed today.

In 2008, Bitcoin was born but blockchain still can not perfectly apply in financial area although 10 years passed away already. Until 2018, Brendan Forster published an article “Announcing De.Fi, A Community for Decentralized Finance Platforms”, announcing the birth of DeFi. Everything was changed because of a decentralized protocol used to build an open financial system.

DeFi has gone through iterations and has gradually evolved from the initial “financial reformer” to “financial revolutionist”. Blockchain technology has begun to transform from an application serving finance to a reshaping of finance; at the same time, DeFi is still evolving in.

Lion King – CODE IS LAW

In 2021, Carbanak, the world’s second-ranked geeks’ club from deep web, took two years of research and development and officially launched the DeFi platform-Lion King. Lion King represents an ecological architecture and financial technology concept. Besides it represents anonymous groups who builds a trusting society and a new habit related to trust from the country, government, financial institutions, family, friends, and colleagues for thousands of years to code. The trust mechanism of the blockchain is derived from code, and the consensus algorithm formed by the distributed accounting method of the blockchain solves the problems of low trust and transparency, and initiates a revolution in the trust system. And relying on the original encryption algorithm and the underlying technology of the blockchain, the ecological unique token LKT is issued.

At the same time, Lion King builds a complete DeFi ecology based on the ecologically strong consensus system and team. For example, Dex/Swap, loan, aggregator, farming, NFT, insurance, derivatives, games, payment, etc..

Although the concept of DeFi was proposed as early as 2018, it actually did not be widely use until the end of 2020. We believe that 2021 will be the year of DeFi because it is going to develop rapidly. DeFi gives better play to the essence of blockchain technology, and it is the general trend of the future financial system development. The trend will definitely not change and Lion King will be one of the most popular DeFi project in the coming days.

Grayscale May Have Laid Groundwork for 5 More Potential Crypto Trusts

The world’s largest digital asset manager, Grayscale Investments, looks to be preparing for possible launches of new single-asset trusts for a number of cryptocurrencies.

Trusts for five digital assets were filed with Delaware’s corporations registry on Dec. 18, 2020: chainlink (LINK, +21.96%) (BAT, +24.85%) (MANA, +36.61%)tezos (XTZ, +17.44%)
The filings were not made by Grayscale itself but by Delaware Trust Company, which is listed as the firm’s “statutory trustee” for the U.S. state in Grayscale documentation.
“Grayscale is always looking for opportunities to offer products that meet investor demands. Occasionally, we will make reservation filings, though a filing does not mean we will bring a product to market. Grayscale has and will continue to announce when new products are made available to investors,” the company told CoinDesk via email.
As such, the filings could offer a hint of which crypto trusts are likely to be launched down the road.
A registration for the Filecoin Trust was also made on Oct. 15, 2020.
New York-based Grayscale is owned by Digital Currency Group, the parent company of CoinDesk.

Coin bull– Yaoshi came to the Chinese market officially launched the road show of Wuhan Station suc

In recent years, innovation and change have been the main theme of the financial field. Financial itself is a kind of credit economy, on the way looking for innovation and change, financial institutions are consistent in the search for all-round change train of thought, with the rapid development of information technology and the widespread application, the technology of the Internet with the traditional financial integration deepening, to a certain extent has given rise to the profound change of the financial services. At the same time, financial innovation based on the Internet and other technical forces has formed a spectacular phenomenon in the current financial field: financial technology.

For some time, fintech, which takes technology and big data as its core, has greatly changed the development pattern of the financial industry. Fintech uses technological innovation to create new business models, business processes and products to achieve more efficient financial services. Technological innovations in cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other fields not only promote the development of traditional financial industry, but also promote the emergence of new financial formats, and bring new opportunities and challenges to the financial finance and technology industry.


Coin bull is coming

Blockchain technology has changed the way information is delivered reliably, and based on it has given birth to digital currency, a virtual asset formed by consensus through recognized technology. Digital currency uses encryption technology, distributed database, game theory, community governance mechanism, etc., making the entire ecological development gradually develop into a self-operating body. It is just because of the clever combination of technology and theory that a digital currency market bearing trillion-dollar market value has been achieved.

As a cryptocurrency closely related to blockchain technology, it has gradually become a hot spot of investment transactions. It has evolved from a small range of investment by geeks to a popular global investment category. In the years of rapid development of blockchain industry, various trading platforms have emerged. The foreancestors of the industry have contacted, explored, advanced and devoted themselves to building a new distributed trading platform. Since then, the circulation of digital assets is no longer limited to geography, national boundaries, skin color and race. After years of precipitation and polishing during this period, Coin Bull, a decentralized diversified digital asset trading platform (full name: Coin Bull), is rising like a shining star.

CoinBulll is a world-class blockchain digital asset trading platform that supports transactions of various blockchain digital currencies. In order to provide users with a simpler, safer, fairer, more open and more efficient trading environment, the company aggregates the world's best resources and the world's top blockchain technology. To provide users with the world's leading blockchain digital currency trading services, simple and easy to use.

At the end of 2020, a group of tech punks from the dark web got together and launched "Z-11" Lab. Based on Byzantine mechanism and SHA256 algorithm, Coinbulll, a Dex exchange, was developed and uploaded to the dark web using AMM-134 automatic market maker algorithm.

Due to the excellent mechanism and technology of Coinbulll, it quickly attracted great attention. Echoio Investment Company of Switzerland fully owned Coinbulll to accelerate its global market layout. Coinbulll owns a professional and experienced block chain technology and operation of the team, at the same time, coinbulll as world-class decentralized digital asset trading platform, is located in block chain policy most friendly countries around the world, Switzerland, hope that through the compliance of exchange in Switzerland, and take advantage of the Swiss financial center to link digital currency and the traditional financial markets.

Coinbulll will support the trading value of its platform tokens through the contract sector dividends, transaction mining, platform Gas fee, mobile pledge mining, Uniswap and other commercial sectors, to support the platform tokens continuously and to reach the peak value!

CoinBulll is a third-generation decentralized trading platform based on distributed automatic market maker mechanism. It adopts the mathematical model of liquid deflation, and through the game of "cattle to the world" and a large number of applications, it will enable the platform tokens to achieve true value circulation.


Coinbulll Total Global redefines the mining field for the next golden decade

Coinbulll is to develop in the currency and etheric lane outside the third block chain underlying ecosystem, devoted to expanding the business application of block chain technology boundary and technical boundary, let the public user user can real feel block value chain technology, not to block chain for stagnation in academic theoretical more directly into the practice of the development and application of application of coinbulll development will be commercial application of collision sparks and chain block technology, is also a challenge to block chain existing technology, jump out of the existing technology of thinking, to block chain 4.0 create a pioneer of ecological application system.

Therefore, Coinbulll, after fully learning from the consensus mechanism such as PoW/PoS/PoC /DPOS, creatively proposed a new concept — "Application Consensus". The concept was born out of a practical use scenario for IPFS: how to give valuable incentives to miners while giving users free access to the web?

With the development of blockchain today, more than one logic of token flow has been proposed. The mainstream situation is that decentralized projects based on a particular business support the flow of tokens with their endogenous business scenarios, and anchor the profits and value of some of the businesses. But years of Internet history have shown that this business model is hardly sustainable.

A new technology revolution is supposed to start with human needs, so from a realistic perspective, it is conceivable that if systems using IPFS require high frequencies and high fees, the audience will be significantly reduced. We expect decentralization reform not only because of "anti-monopoly", "freedom" and "security" considerations, but also from the perspective of business to fit the use habits of the public.

Inspired by the value of BTC, Coinbulll came up with the concept of "applied consensus". The core value of BTC lies in its "consensus value", which is the core reason why it is different from other POW blockchain crypto systems in terms of market value.

The core of Coinbulll's "application consensus" endorses the value of cryptographic tokens released by an application based on its impact. Projects with the following four characteristics have the potential to build an "Applied Consensus" :

1. Disruptive innovation;

2. Wide coverage of potential influence;

3. The potential impact on an individual is profound;

4. The release of cryptographic tokens plays an indelible role in its system maintenance.


Coinbulll navigates the future of the digital economy

Based on blockchain technology, Coinbulll tries to use blockchain technology to enable the technology and concept of financial scenarios, to create a more efficient, transparent, secure, credible and decentralized global decentralized big data platform, and to realize the following five application scenarios:

1. Ecological openness and co-construction: open ecological node, and the world's top community partners to jointly establish FLT ecology, together with win-win;

2. Worry-free fund security: The wallet is multi-layer encrypted, stored offline in the bank safe, and the fund is under third-party custody, making the fund secure and worry-free.

3. Quick online service: multi-channel docking service, professional technology and customer service team 7*24 hours online standby;

4. Strong selection of terminals: multi-platform terminal trading, covering IOS, Android, Windows, Mac multiple platform terminals, support full business functions, all transactions are convenient and rapid;

5. Community Innovation Alliance: The founding team is all senior practitioners of blockchain, adopting a new community partnership system, gaining recognition and support from dozens of top communities at home and abroad, and uniting more community cooperation, which will be an unprecedented community alliance.

Coinbulll pioneered many blocks of innovation chain technology innovation, break through the traditional thinking on the level of consensus, from the level of core algorithm has carried on the deep research and digging, and create the independent intellectual property rights technology, coinbulll development team is convinced that only good performance will block chain technology to realize from theory to application of phase transformation, phase coinbulll creation team during the development phase constantly in pursuit of performance for the purpose, to create a high performance and can achieve a variety of commercial development platform for the underlying male chain coinbulll, reshape the blocks in the ecological chain, It truly inaugurates a new era of development and application of blockchain 4.0.

China’s Blockchain-Based Service Network to Integrate Central Bank Digital Currency

China’s Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN) – a permissioned blockchain network for building decentralized applications and tokens – plans on releasing a beta central bank digital currency (CBDC) as early as the second half of 2021, according to a Jan. 15 blog post.

The Chinese-state-sanctioned BSN is currently designing a universal digital payment network (UDPN) over the next half-decade. CBDCs from different nations will be supported by the network, the blog claims.

The UDPN network will be available through API connection as well for “any information system such as banking, insurance, ERP, and mobile applications … to enable a standardized digital currency transfer method and payment procedure.”

The network is currently in the design stage, although public city nodes (PCN) are being rolled out through China in various states of completion, the blog states.

As CoinDesk reported, the BSN recently incorporated connections to multiple public projects into its network such as the cloud-computing project Oasis, meta-protocol Polkadot and China-based public blockchain Bityuan.

The BSN further expects to complete integrations with a total of 30 public blockchains this year, the blog concludes.

Iran Reportedly Seizes 45K Bitcoin Mining Machines After Closure of Illegal Operations

Authorities in Iran have seized tens of thousands of bitcoin mining machines claimed to have been using illegally subsidized electricity from state-run energy provider Tavanir.

According to a report by local media outlet Tasmin News Agency on Sunday, 45,000 mostly powerful application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) machines were confiscated.

The machines had purportedly been consuming 95 megawatts per hour of electricity at a reduced rate, according to Tavanir's head Mohammad Hassan Motavalizadeh.

Earlier this month, Iranian authorities shut down 1,620 illegal cryptocurrency mining farms said to have collectively used 250 megawatts of electricity over the past 18 months, per a different news source.

The country's recent blackouts across major cities have been in part blamed on cryptocurrency mining, drawing the ire of officials who have sought a temporary stay on bitcoin (BTC, +4.08%) mining until further notice.

Cryptocurrency researcher Ziya Sadr told the Washington Post on Sunday miners had "nothing to do with the blackouts" claiming they only made up a "very small" percentage of overall electricity capacity in the country.

In July of last year, Iran penned a registration directive forcing miners to disclose their identities. It also forced them to disclose the size of their mining farms and their mining equipment type with the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade.