Reva Link: Unleashing Web3’s Power at Your Fingertips!

On the surface, blockchain appears to be a booming and wealthy scene. However, behind the scenes, the crypto realm is like experiencing both the warmth and the chill of the planet in a same day. It is a common saying in the cryptocurrency community that one day spent there seems like 10 years spent elsewhere, and it is always believed and hold by us. There are often sudden and major price fluctuations on the cryptocurrency market, and it is impossible to predict what will take place in the next second. Before investing in cryptocurrencies, you might be a typical member of society; yet, after just a few time spent participating in the cryptocurrency community, you might transform into a remarkable individual. The pull of the ever-shifting scenery cannot be avoided; it is just impossible to resist.

Within this domain of chaos, you will be confronted with an overwhelming number of initiatives, each of which will test your capacity to differentiate between positive and negative outcomes. But are you really capable of accomplishing it? Imagine a project that establishes an environment where you can just deposit your digital assets and watch your money rise without worrying about numerous concerns. This would be an ideal situation. A work of this calibre is deserving of more than simple acclaim; it is more aptly described as “a diamond in the rough” or “a rare encounter.” As a prime illustration of this incredible idea, we are thrilled to unveil Reva Link, also known as the “unicorn” of Web3.0 wallets.


Wallets for cryptocurrencies have always served as an essential gateway and piece of infrastructure in the cryptocurrency and Web 3 sectors. Wallets have surpassed exchanges to become the most important industrial application in the Crypto and Web3 sectors, thanks to the fruitful development of DeFi, NFTs, Gamefi, and other DApps. This has caused wallets to become the industry standard. The current wallets and cross-chain infrastructure, on the other hand, have become barriers that hinder future development of Web3 industry applications. For example, the user experience, interactivity, cross-chain capabilities, and NFT characteristics of MetaMask are comparable to those seen in Windows 95. This limitation, on the other hand, will be entirely revolutionised by the introduction of Reva Link’s multi-chain wallet, which will also open up new opportunities for the Web3 ecosystem.

What exactly is Reva Link?

Reva Link ( is a feature-rich Web3 wallet that was developed by the Reva platform after years of research and development. It combines both hot and cold technologies. What’s more, it is not only a cryptocurrency wallet; rather, it functions more like a management platform that assists in the expansion of your assets. In addition to the fundamental service of safely keeping digital assets, Reva Link also provides monetary services such as multi-chain asset storage, exchange, and wealth management. This complements the company’s core offering of safe storage of digital assets. It guarantees that the entire procedure is open, decentralized, and transparent so that a broad range of services can be provided.

The Bridge from Web2 to Web3

The REVA LINK multi-chain wallet is not only a tool for asset management, but it also offers extensive Web3 data services, which helps bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3. REVA LINK provides scalable, simple, and automated data service support for NFTs, DeFi, and other Web3 applications. This support is made possible through distributed data storage and DAO data governance. REVA LINK gives customers access to comprehensive solutions, allowing them to effortlessly engage in the Web3 economy and accomplish value sharing. These solutions can be used for storing data or conducting transactions.

DAO Empowered by DAO, Governing and Sharing in the Trillion-dollar Web3 Market

REVA LINK is committed to DAO governance and has the goal of achieving governance and sharing in the Web3 industry, which is estimated to be worth one trillion dollars. The REVA LINK wallet encourages users to work together to construct the Web3 ecosystem, which in turn promotes the growth and prosperity of communities. It also gives users access to chances for involvement that are open and honest, allowing them to partake in the successes of a market that is worth one trillion dollars.

When it comes to a financial product, safety is of the utmost significance. It handles a variety of challenges, such as phishing, sniffing, DDOS assaults, and occurrences of private key theft, which can lead to data breaches for users and the loss of assets. Reva Link is committed to giving its customers the safest and most reliable option for storing and encrypting cryptocurrency possible. To conduct transactions using Reva Link, users need merely to maintain their smartphones, usernames, and passwords. This is made possible by the use of hierarchical deterministic technology and the utilisation of the BIP39 standard. In addition, Reva Link has added self-developed protection mechanisms for the wallet creation process. These procedures ensure that the wallet will remain offline and disconnected from the internet at all times. There is no reason to be concerned about the prospect of decryption occurring, even in the case that the information is stolen.

On the other hand, when it comes to the options available for investments, various investors have varied investment requirements and levels of risk tolerance. The platform will provide investment products that are categorised by their respective levels of risk. The potential for greater rewards at higher risk levels comes hand in hand with an increasing likelihood of loss. On the other hand, taking on less risk may result in somewhat lower profits, but it also exposes you to less risk overall. These products give investors the ability to select from a variety of options and zero in on the one that meets their needs and preferences the most.

Reva Link uses multi-level automatic risk management, which is an aspect of risk management that is implemented. The platform integrates various levels of automatic risk management, such as risk value limitations and alerts, active risk management plan execution, relevant analysis, stress testing, performance tracking, and other risk management indicators, in order to better protect the interests of investors. These can be configured to operate at a variety of control levels to guarantee that risk prediction is consistent.

In the not too distant future, the wallet will be the location where users will access and execute all of the crucial transaction services that are required by Web3. REVA LINK, which is the industry standard for Web3 wallets, acts as the entry point to the trillion-dollar Web3 market. By bringing together a wide variety of application ecosystems, REVA LINK transforms into the essential platform for users to transition into the Web3 world. This platform gives users access to a comprehensive set of capabilities as well as an infinite number of options. Aren’t you excited about the bright future that REVA LINK is going to bring us all together?

Let us embrace the Web3 world by having it at your fingertips with the Reva Link wallet.

Details: How does Polygon ZKP implement Zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) to improve users’ privacy?

With the rise of information capitalism, it is particularly important to find solutions that can ensure user information privacy and security. The increasing popularity of free internet applications used by billions of people worldwide has led to the majority of user information and data being controlled by large technology companies, often leading to the abuse of user privacy. Blockchain technologies such as Ethereum were created to return control to users, who also own user data. However, apart from pseudo anonymity, it does not have many methods to protect user privacy.

For example, if a user purchases something from someone using their wallet address, then their wallet address is now known to that person, and they will know what the user has done in the past and future, including what else they have bought or how much money they have bought, creating a real privacy issue for real-world purchases.

In order to solve this problem, Ethereum and various protocols are seeking to implement Zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) to improve users’ privacy. And Polygon zkEVM has emerged in the current trend of the times!

What is Zero-knowledge proof (ZKP)?

Zero-knowledge proof allows users to prove that they know or have information without disclosing information. The “prover” will use the information input from a certain system to create a proof, while the “verifier” will verify the calculation results of the proof, but cannot know the specific content of the information. Most importantly, Zero-knowledge proof can verify the validity of a data set and protect data privacy at the same time.

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Why use Zero-knowledge proof technology to build a network?

Zero knowledge technology allows developers to not only take advantage of the security of underlying blockchains such as Ethereum, but also improve the transaction throughput and speed for dApp, and at the same time put users’ personal information down the chain to protect users’ privacy. The transaction will be packaged and uploaded onto the chain to reduce the usage cost for end users. Ultimately, the project can leverage these features to create advanced dApps that not only compete with Web2 systems in performance, but also maintain the advantages of Web3 decentralization.

What is Polygon zkEVM?

Polygon zkEVM is a decentralized Ethereum layer 2 scalability solution, which uses encryption Zero-knowledge proof to provide effectiveness and fast termination for off chain transaction computing (also known as ZK Rollup).

ZK Rollup transparently executes the smart contract by issuing zero knowledge validity proof, while maintaining the opcode compatibility with Ethereum virtual machine.

Since Ethereum is subject to the Trilemma of DLT (distributed ledger technology), it cannot expand beyond its transaction threshold without sacrificing decentralization or security. This is where Polygon zkEVM comes into play.

Polygon zkEVM is a virtual machine, which aims to simulate Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) by re creating all existing EVM operation codes, transparently deploy existing Ethereum smart contracts, and exponentially improve Ethereum scalability and trading volume per second (TPS).

In order to prove the correctness of off chain computing, Polygon zkEVM uses verifiable Zero-knowledge proof as the validity proof. Although the second layer of Zero-knowledge proof provides verification and finality for off chain transactions based on complex polynomial calculation, the validity proof is fast and easy to verify.

As a state machine, zkEVM executes state changes from the execution of the Ethereum Layer 2 transaction sent to the network by the user, and then generates a validity certificate to prove the correctness of the state change calculation executed under the chain.

Although adopting this revolutionary design method was a difficult decision, the goal was to minimize friction between users and developers when using the solution. This is a way to recreate all EVM opcodes to transparently deploy existing Ethereum smart contracts.

ZKP Partner

Polygon zkEVM is a new technology and the first zero knowledge extension solution equivalent to EVM, where existing smart contracts, developer tools, and wallets can work seamlessly. Polygon zkEVM uses Zero-knowledge proof to reduce transaction costs and improve throughput, while inheriting the security of Ethereum.

The transactions in the zkEVM network (L2) are compiled into batches, and then these batches are sorted in the Ethereum smart contract. Then their state transitions are proved and verified on Ethereum, reaching a trusted state.

ZkEVM has multiple operation layers:

Network layer: The place where Sequencers and Aggregators run.

ROM layer: zkEVM uses a new language called zkASM to implement EVM, making EVM state transactions provable.

Hardware layer: zkEVM uses a new language called PIL to create polynomial identities and constraints to ensure the integrity and good execution of zkASM ROM.

L1 Ethereum smart contract: bridge assets between networks and implement PoE (efficiency proof) consensus to ensure correct state transition of batches.

During the security review, the Hexens team covered the most critical attack areas, including smart contracts, PIL hardware, and unexpected differences between zkASM ROMs, EVMs, and zkEVMs.

Due to its complexity and composability, censorship requires extensive professional knowledge and thinking in different fields of cybersecurity. The final conclusion is that overall security and code quality are at a high level.

Why deploy ZKP on the Coin Security Chain?

Polygon zkEVM is the first zero knowledge expansion solution compatible with Ethereum virtual machines, integrating smart contracts and developer tools. As a Layer 2 protocol, Polygon is faster and more scalable than Ethereum; However, the introduction of zkEVM functionality will definitely make it more scalable.

The launch of zkEVM tool is an important milestone, which will definitely promote Polygon to take the lead in the competition of the top tier 2 protocol of Ethereum blockchain. From Optimism to Arbitrum, and more recently to Cobarium and Base of Coinbase Exchange, Polygon will now become the first L2 to launch zkEVM tools in encrypted systems.

Relatively, zkEVM has not yet achieved sufficient development on the coin security chain, and the market is relatively empty. At the same time, the development of ZKP requires users to continuously trade to verify its effectiveness and stability, so the Polygon team deployed ZKP on the top of Coin Security Chain, aiming to fill the temporary shortcomings of Coin Security Chain in zkEVM.


The combination of Zero-knowledge proof with the underlying blockchain and decentralized network is bound to promote the transformation of the blockchain industry. Polygon zkEVM will develop applications with high scalability and cost-effectiveness, while protecting user privacy. With the continuous development of the blockchain industry, Polygon zkEVM is bound to gain the favor of more individual users and enterprises.

Explore UDEX: a decentralized trading platform led by innovation

Explore UDEX: a decentralized trading platform led by innovation

In recent years, the cryptocurrency market has been booming and its market value has continued to grow, attracting a large number of investors and traders. According to the transaction data of Binance, the largest centralized exchange (CEX), derivatives transactions account for about 15% of the entire trading market , while on decentralized exchanges (DEXs), derivatives transactions accounted for only 3%. This shows that the decentralized derivatives market has huge growth potential. The lack of low fees, deep liquidity, and high leverage trading platforms has been a limiting factor in the decentralized space.

At the same time, with the collapse of FTX and the anticipation of regulators’ regulation of centralized exchanges (such as Binance most recently) looming, traders are starting to realize the disadvantages of traditional centralized exchanges. The migration of trading activities from CeFi to DeFi has gradually become a trend.

UDEX: Multi-chain DEX that supports launchpad

UDEX is a decentralized spot and derivatives exchange that supports multiple chains. Its main functions include spot, contract trading, Launchpad, etc. UDEX supports zero-slippage transactions to ensure users’ convenient trading experience. The Launchpad function of UDEX provides opportunities for high-quality projects to display and raise funds. We strictly screen and select only potential and feasible projects to go online to ensure that investors can participate in high-quality projects. Through Launchpad, investors can obtain tokens of popular projects in advance and enjoy the value growth brought about by the success of the project.

The advantages of UDEX’s product function 

1. Spot and contract transactions with low rate

The platform supports spot transactions of multiple currency pairs on the ETH chain. The initial trading pairs include UA-USDT, ETH-USDT, etc. The spot transaction fee is lower than the market average, and the transaction fee is used to repurchase the platform currency UA.

2. Targets the customers who prefers high leverage

UDEX provides 150X high leverage options to meet the needs of users with strong risk tolerance and expand market share. Through contract trading, users can flexibly respond to market fluctuations, seize more investment opportunities and risk management.

3. Innovative liquidity LP provides

The liquidity provider deposits its assets in the liquidity pool, obtains the LP certificate of the liquidity transaction, enjoys being the counterparty of the trader, and shares the counterparty income provided by the liquidity with the platform. In addition to obtaining LP certificates when staking LP, users will also obtain treasury compensation certificates, which can be used to obtain treasury compensation guarantees.

4. Treasury Insurance Payment Mechanism

In terms of transaction innovation, UDEX introduced the treasury insurance mechanism as a system to provide users with insurance compensation to deal with potential risks and losses. This mechanism establishes a treasury insurance pool dedicated to compensating users for losses suffered during transactions.

Comparison of products of the same type






















2023 Q1

Trading volume







2023 Q1

Total Fees







Through powerful trading functions, pledge mechanism and treasury insurance mechanism, UDEX provides users with a comprehensive trading experience and risk management tools. Through high leverage and treasury insurance mechanism to quickly capture risk-appetizing and risk-sensitive users, UDEX stands out in DeFi and quickly gains market share. In the future, UDEX will continue to improve the performance and security of the trading system, and introduce more innovative functions and tools to meet the diverse trading needs of users.

AIVOS: Opening a New Era of Enterprise Digital Transformation

With the acceleration of global digital transformation, enterprises are facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities. At this critical moment, the emergence of AIVOS provides enterprises with a new way to lead digital transformation. As a leader and innovator in the digital transformation of enterprises, AIVOS provides enterprises with safe, efficient and credible digital solutions through decentralized protocols, smart contracts, scalability and rich application scenarios.

AIVOS (Artificial Intelligence Value Operating System) is an open platform based on blockchain technology, which aims to promote enterprises into the digital age. It provides a decentralized protocol that brings endless possibilities and huge potential to businesses. The core idea of AIVOS is to transform the traditional centralized trust architecture into a decentralized trust and value delivery method based on blockchain technology, so as to achieve the goals of safety, efficiency and collaboration.

AIVOS’s blockchain technology plays a role in many industries and fields such as finance, supply chain management, Internet of Things, and intellectual property protection. In the financial field, AIVOS can support fast, safe, and low-cost cross-border payment and clearing; in the field of supply chain management, AIVOS can realize the transparency and traceability of the supply chain, and improve the overall efficiency; in the field of Internet of Things, AIVOS can realize Trusted interoperability and data sharing between devices; in the field of intellectual property protection, AIVOS can ensure the copyright and traceability of digital content.

The value and advantages of AIVOS are reflected in the following aspects. The first is security. AIVOS utilizes the decentralization and encryption features of blockchain technology to protect the security and privacy of corporate data and prevent hacker attacks and data leakage. The second is smart contracts. The smart contract function of AIVOS realizes automated and transparent transaction processes, reduces human errors and delays, and provides transparency and traceability of transactions. The third is scalability. AIVOS is highly scalable and can cope with growing business needs and data scale, ensuring system stability and performance. Finally, there are rich application scenarios. AIVOS has a wide range of application scenarios in finance, supply chain management, Internet of Things, intellectual property protection and other fields, providing enterprises with a variety of solutions.

With the continuous advancement of global digital transformation, AIVOS has broad development prospects in the future. First of all, AIVOS will continue to promote the innovation and application of blockchain technology, provide enterprises with more secure, efficient and credible digital solutions, and help enterprises achieve sustainable growth and success. Secondly, the rich application scenarios of AIVOS will attract more industries and enterprises to join, forming a larger user group and market size. In addition, AIVOS will also integrate with other emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things to create more innovation and business opportunities.

As an innovative project leading digital transformation, AIVOS has attracted strategic investments from many well-known foundations and companies. These investors not only invest funds, but also bring more technical and business support to AIVOS, and jointly promote the development and influence of AIVOS in the market. Investors of AIVOS include Bank International Malaysia, Government of Singapore Investment Corporation, top unicorn funds, First Financial Holdings, Charles Schwab Investments, Bank of Southeast Asia, Indonesia Trust Fund, Alipay Indonesia, etc. The support of these investors provides strong financial and resource support for the development of AIVOS, enabling AIVOS to continuously expand its capabilities in technology research and development, marketing and global expansion.

In addition, AIVOS is also actively establishing strategic partnerships with industry partners such as financial institutions, technology companies, supply chain management companies, and government agencies to jointly accelerate the process of digital transformation. Through these collaborations, AIVOS is able to co-develop innovative solutions that address industry challenges and advance the digital economy.

As a leader in the digital transformation of enterprises, AIVOS is opening a new era for enterprises to enter the digital age. With the help of decentralized protocols, smart contracts and rich application scenarios based on blockchain technology, AIVOS provides enterprises with safe, efficient and credible digital solutions. Its unique advantages lie in security, smart contracts, scalability and a wide range of application scenarios, making it an ideal choice for enterprises.

In the future, AIVOS will continue to promote the innovation and application of blockchain technology, and cooperate with industry partners to achieve broader development prospects. Investor support provides AIVOS with funding and resources to grow rapidly and impact the future of the digital economy. At the same time, AIVOS will continue to promote the innovation and application of blockchain technology to meet growing business needs and explore new application scenarios with partners. This spirit of cooperation and sharing will further consolidate AIVOS’ leadership in the digital economy and provide enterprises with more comprehensive and excellent digital solutions. In short, AIVOS, as a new era of digital transformation for enterprises, provides enterprises with safe, efficient and credible digital solutions with its decentralized protocols, smart contracts and rich application scenarios. It will continue to promote the innovation and application of blockchain technology, attract more industry participants, and integrate with other emerging technologies to create more innovation and business opportunities.

AIVOS has received strategic investment from many well-known foundations and companies, which provides strong financial and resource support for its development. By establishing strategic partnerships with industry partners, AIVOS will accelerate the process of digital transformation and promote the development of the digital economy. AIVOS is leading enterprises into a new era of the digital age, showing broad development prospects, and providing assistance for the success and sustainable growth of enterprises.

Meta Media: A Web3 application that allows users to control data and value independently

With the development of Web3, decentralized applications (DApps), decentralized identity and digital identity, decentralized finance (DeFi), and decentralized storage and computing are attracting more and more attention. In this context of macro trends, Meta Media will be committed to promoting the development of decentralized applications, making Web3 applications no longer controlled by centralized entities, but driven by smart contracts and blockchain technology, providing users with more privacy and security protection, and providing participants with more innovation and creative space.

Meta Media is based on the concept of Web 3.0, aiming to achieve a more open, transparent and user-centric internet experience. Meta Media, as a knowledge sharing and communication platform, will play an important role in the development of Web3.

Meta Media strives to create a decentralized knowledge sharing platform. In Web3, the ownership and control of knowledge can be more equally distributed to users, rather than concentrated in a few centralized institutions or platforms. Meta Media can use blockchain technology to ensure the traceability of the source and contributors of knowledge, the verifiability of the content, and thus improve the credibility and reliability of knowledge.

Secondly, Meta Media is also a decentralized social platform. Here, users can more autonomously manage and control their personal data and social relationships. Through decentralized identity verification, users’ privacy and data security are effectively protected, while allowing users to freely choose to establish contact and knowledge sharing with other users.

Meta Media is also a decentralized content creation and distribution platform. Content creators can get more fair returns for the value they create, rather than being monopolized by the platform. Through the open, transparent, automatic execution, secure and trustworthy features of smart contracts, direct interaction and value exchange between content creators and users are realized, thereby encouraging more people to participate in knowledge sharing and creation.

Platform creators participate in platform profit rewards through the POS mechanism, and other participants (sharing, liking, commenting, etc.) accumulate workload to obtain platform rewards through the POW mechanism.

Meta Media can solve the problems of knowledge sharing, social relationships, personal data security and content creation autonomy through blockchain technology under the Web3 trend. It can provide users with a more open, transparent and autonomous internet experience, allowing users to freely access and share knowledge, and automatically obtain rewards generated by content creation, communication and interaction.

Meta Media builds a more decentralized direction of development where users have control over their data and digital assets. It will provide users with more privacy and security protection, and provide developers with a more complete innovation space.


To build a global ecosystem together, the global recruitment plan for KOL nodes of XTM Exchange under Conscious is launched!

The recently popular XTM exchange officially launched a global recruitment plan for KOL nodes, which will be officially launched at 8:00 pm on June 20 (UTC+8). Applying to become an XTM KOL node can enjoy the exclusive rights and interests of the platform KOL, deeply participate in the governance of the XTM platform, and obtain a number of dividend income at the same time.

XTM KOL node recruitment plan hot start

XTM firmly believes that the community is an important force in the blockchain wave, and officially launched a global recruitment plan for KOL nodes, inviting partners who love blockchain, have rich industry resources, and excellent and powerful community owners to join XTM. Partners and platforms are welcome to jointly build a highly autonomous blockchain community ecosystem and share the development dividends of the platform.
XTM KOL nodes are divided into three categories: global KOL nodes, regional KOL nodes, and community KOL nodes. Become an XTM KOL node to enjoy platform risk mining dividend rewards and risk-free mining insurance premiums and other benefits.
The XTM KOL recruitment plan will be officially launched at 8:00 p.m. on June 20. Go to the XTM official website: or join the XTM official telegram community to learn more about KOL level application requirements, community subscription benefits, KOL exclusive rights, and KOL global After the dividend plan and invitation rules, users can choose whether to participate in the application of XTM KOL according to their own needs.


Conscious’ heavy encryption ecology, one-stop encrypted financial service platform XTM

XTM Exchange is a heavy encrypted financial ecology under the Conscious Network. XTM Exchange was officially launched at the end of May this year, and XTM DeFi was also officially launched in June. Centralization combined with a decentralized financial ecology aims to provide users with a one-stop encrypted financial service platform with a low threshold to meet the needs of community development.
In the Twitter Space live broadcast on June 18, Conscious Network Founder Neo Wang said: Conscious Network, as the world’s first consciousness governance public chain, aims to ensure the continuation of consciousness and lead human civilization with human consciousness. Conscious is a public chain that combines Layer 1 and Layer 2. The main direction in the future is artificial intelligence AI. At present, the XTM heavy ecology has been launched, including XTM Trust, the world’s first Web 3 trust asset management platform, and two trading platforms, XTM Exchange and XTM DeFi.
In the future, the assets of XTM Exchange will be managed by XTM Trust in compliance with the regulations, providing users with safe and transparent financial guarantee services, and at the same time committed to expanding more types of asset management services for users.
This year, favorable policies for the encryption industry in Hong Kong have been continuously released, and Conscious Network has also accelerated its deployment in Hong Kong. According to Neo, the Hong Kong operation center is officially under renovation, and its address is located in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. As Hong Kong is currently the most popular area of ​​Web3, the construction of the Hong Kong operation center is also to better radiate East Asia and expand the global ecological territory.

The industry has experienced the FTX thunderstorm incident. At present, the North American SEC regulatory conflicts continue. The eyes of the blockchain world are gradually shifting from the West to Asia. Everyone is looking for a star project with a complete ecology. The underlying support of Conscious Network, the support of a large number of community users of ConsciousDAO, and the one-stop encrypted financial platform of XTM coincide with everyone’s needs.
XTM KOL node recruitment is officially open, whether you are a social media influencer, blockchain community leader, blockchain industry opinion leader, industry media, or original content producer, boldly participate, the next KOL is you! Build a global ecology together and explore infinite possibilities!

XTM CEX Website:
XTM DEX Website:
Official Twitter DEX:
TG Channel:
TG group:

BITMAKE Exchange Takes Center Stage at EDCON 2023’s [Plan B] Side Event

One of the largest Ethereum developer conferences in the world, EDCON 2023, was held on May 19th in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro. The conference covered a wide range of topics, including blockchain regulation, network status, decentralized governance, Layer 2 solutions, and decentralized social content. In addition, several well-known projects organized various types of side events to discuss the latest information and narrative hotspots in the industry.

On May 21st, Move Accelerator and DODO hosted the offline event ‘Plan B,’ co-hosted by BitMake, Vmeta3, MIXMARVEL, INCEPTION, and ODYSSEY DAO, which was successfully held in Montenegro. Leading organizations in the industry and hundreds of Web3 Builders from different projects gathered together to explore industry trends and hot topics.


BitMake is a comprehensive cryptocurrency exchange platform that launched in July 2022. It provides professional futures and spot trading services, as well as a unique feature of cryptocurrency lending with a unified trading account. During the event, BitMake presented a keynote speech titled “Crossing of Web3 and CEX – From Parasitism to Mutualism.” The speech discussed the reasons for the choices made by DEX traders and CEX traders, and explored the relationship between CEX and DEX in today’s ecosystem. It also highlighted how BitMake addresses the conflicts between the two and explores more collaborative relationships between them, aiming to become a platform that users are willing to explore.


As a conference sponsor, BITMAKE is committed to supporting the growth and development of the blockchain ecosystem. With its extensive experience and expertise in blockchain solutions, BITMAKE aims to contribute to the discussions and exchange of ideas that shape the future of the industry.


BITMAKE’s Global Head of Cyber Security [ROY] expressed, “We are delighted to be involved as sponsors and keynote speakers at the conference in Montenegro. This event provides us with an excellent platform to engage with like-minded professionals and industry pioneers, share insights, and explore collaborations that promote the adoption and development of blockchain technology.”


As an emerging leader in blockchain solutions, BITMAKE is dedicated to harnessing the power of distributed ledger technology to drive innovation and create sustainable value for its customers and partners. Through its participation in conferences, BITMAKE aims to foster collaboration, share knowledge, and contribute to the ongoing development of the blockchain industry.


BitMake is a cryptocurrency exchange platform founded in Dubai in 2021. The team consists of members with backgrounds in the financial industry and leading international internet companies. In 2022, BitMake officially launched its trading platform, offering professional services such as perpetual contract trading, spot trading, and lending. Its user base spans over 30 countries and regions worldwide.

BitMake adopts an industry-leading technology architecture with self-owned intellectual property to safeguard users’ digital assets and critical information. With a unified trading account, BitMake has created a platform that provides professional trading services with low entry barriers, earning acclaim from professional traders and investment institutions for its security and trading experience.

Furthermore, BitMake has obtained MSB licenses in countries such as Canada and the United States, and it is actively accelerating its global expansion.

For more up-to-date information about BitMake, please visit our website or contact

AIEX: Leading Innovator in Crypto Trading


AIEX, a leading global cryptocurrency trading platform, is at the forefront of the new wave in cryptocurrency trading with its unique advantages and innovative business model. In this rapidly changing crypto era, AIEX continues to drive its innovation and development to meet the growing demands of global users.


Core Business:

AIEX provides six core business modules: spot trading, fiat trading, perpetual contracts, crazy contracts, copy trading, and market tools. These modules form a comprehensive service system catering to the diverse needs of different users.


  1. Spot and Fiat Trading: AIEX offers users a secure and stable trading environment to buy freely and sell various cryptocurrencies freely. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced investor, AIEX can help you find the right trading approach.


  1. Perpetual Contracts: AIEX’s perpetual contracts are a new type of contract that evolved from traditional futures contracts. Unlike futures contracts, perpetual contracts have no expiry or settlement dates and resemble a margin spot market. Therefore, the trading price is closer to the reference index price. Perpetual contracts are suitable for long-term positions, and as long as your appointment is not liquidated, your orders will remain active until executed.


  1. Crazy Contracts: AIEX’s crazy contracts are high-risk, high-yield financial derivatives. They allow users to trade with smaller funds, providing the opportunity for high returns and exposing them to more significant risks. Therefore, crazy contracts are more suitable for users with higher risk tolerance.


  1. Copy Trading: AIEX’s copy trading feature enables users to easily replicate the trading strategies of successful traders without spending a significant amount of time and effort studying the market. This feature is especially suitable for users needing more trade experience.


  1. Market Tools: AIEX offers a variety of market tools to help users stay updated on market trends and make informed investment decisions. Whether it’s price charts, depth charts, or various technical indicators, you can find them on AIEX.


Corporate Culture:

AIEX’s corporate culture revolves around user-centricity, innovation, integrity, and collaboration, creating a harmonious, positive, and open work environment. This culture not only stimulates employees’ innovative spirit but also earns the trust and support of users.


  1. User-Centricity: AIEX consistently upholds a user-centric service philosophy, providing dedicated support to users whenever they encounter issues using AIEX’s products or services.


  1. Innovation: AIEX recognizes that continuous innovation is crucial to staying competitive. Therefore, AIEX considers innovation a driving force behind its development, constantly introducing new products and services to meet users’ evolving needs.


  1. Integrity: AIEX firmly believes that integrity is the foundation for business survival and growth. Hence, AIEX adheres to ethical business practices, earning the trust and support of users through practical actions.


  1. Collaboration: AIEX understands that cooperation leads to mutual success. Therefore, AIEX actively seeks collaborations with various parties to achieve joint development.



AIEX’s Advantages:

AIEX’s advantages are not only reflected in its innovative business model and its unique corporate culture. Here are the main advantages of AIEX:


  1. Security and Stability: AIEX employs top-tier security systems to ensure the safety of user funds. Additionally, AIEX’s trading system undergoes rigorous testing to maintain stability even during high-traffic situations.


  1. Innovation: AIEX’s business encompasses spot trading, fiat trading, perpetual contracts, crazy contracts, copy trading, and market tools, catering to diverse user needs. In particular, perpetual contracts and crazy contracts offer users more investment choices and higher profit potential.


  1. Premium Services: AIEX prioritizes user-centricity, providing round-the-clock customer service. Whenever you encounter any issues while using AIEX’s products or services, our customer support team will promptly and effectively assist you.


  1. Corporate Culture: AIEX’s corporate culture, centered around users, innovation, integrity, and collaboration, creates a harmonious, positive, and open work environment. This culture not only inspires employees’ innovative spirit but also earns the trust and support of users.


Licenses and Compliance:

AIEX has obtained the MSB financial license issued by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) under the U.S. Department of the Treasury, as well as the MAS financial license in Singapore. These licenses demonstrate AIEX’s strong commitment to compliance.


  1. U.S. MSB Financial License: This license allows companies holding it to engage in legal and compliant cryptocurrency trading and derivative development in all 50 states of the United States.


  1. Singapore MAS Financial License: This is a recently introduced payment license, and companies engaged in virtual crypto asset trading in Singapore must obtain this license to operate legally.


These licenses demonstrate AIEX’s compliance with regulations and provide a solid foundation for its global expansion.

Six Core Advantages:

AIEX’s six core advantages include innovative strength, global development, self-developed technology, security and stability, online services, and regulatory compliance. These advantages distinguish AIEX in the worldwide cryptocurrency trading platform landscape.


  1. Self-developed Technology: AIEX’s trading platform boasts an internationally renowned blockchain R&D team, combining the distributed settlement and centralized matching systems. The core technology team has extensive risk control experience. AIEX’s exploration in the blockchain field, its decentralized operating philosophy, integration of AI innovative algorithms, and alignment with the scenarios demanded by users in the mobile internet era all contribute to providing global users with secure, stable, and convenient trading services, establishing it as a leading global crypto trading platform.


  1. Regulatory Compliance: AIEX holds multiple national licenses, including the U.S. MSB financial license issued by FINCEN and the MAS financial license in Singapore. These licenses ensure that AIEX operates legally in various regions.


  1. Innovative Strength: AIEX constantly explores and innovates, such as launching perpetual contracts, a new type of contract that evolved from traditional futures contracts. Unlike futures contracts, perpetual contracts have no expiry or settlement dates and resemble a margin spot market. Therefore, the trading price is closer to the reference index price, making them suitable for long-term positions.


  1. Security and Stability: AIEX implements cold and hot wallet separation for enhanced efficiency and security of crypto assets. Utilizing HSM bank-level security measures and military-grade hardware for private key encryption, AIEX employs 100+ risk control strategies and compliance detection systems. The 100% self-developed matching trading system ensures the safety of platform assets and customer transactions.


  1. Global Development: AIEX formulated an international strategy from its establishment in 2020, forming compliance service teams in Belgium, the Netherlands, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Thailand, Laos, Seychelles, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other countries and regions. AIEX is committed to building the first secure, reliable, and user-centric international crypto asset trading platform.


  1. Online Services: AIEX remains user-centric, continually improving services and placing users at the forefront. With 24/7 professional customer support, AIEX provides a first-class trading experience, comprehensive communication platforms, and contact channels through its extensive and diverse media matrix.



As a globally leading cryptocurrency trading platform, AIEX has gained widespread recognition from users worldwide thanks to its six core advantages innovative strength, global development, self-developed technology, security and stability, online services, and regulatory compliance.


AIEX provides a secure, stable, and convenient trading environment and offers a range of innovative products and services, such as perpetual contracts and crazy contracts, catering to diverse user needs. Additionally, AIEX’s global service network and professional customer support team ensure a first-class trading experience for international users.


The success of AIEX is attributed to its deep understanding of user needs, continuous pursuit of technological innovation, and strong emphasis on regulatory compliance. In the future, AIEX will persist in being user-centric, driven by innovation, and providing users with higher-quality and more convenient trading services.

CITEX, the small Binance of the cryptocurrency trading track

In recent years, with the popularity of the cryptocurrency market, the competition in the digital asset trading platform track has become increasingly fierce. In the field of digital asset trading, the status of exchanges is like the role played by climbers when climbing a cliff. They must give full play to their own advantages in order to occupy a place on the climbing route. CITEX is a new type of NFT trading platform. With its novel model and unique advantages, it has taken the lead in the cryptocurrency trading market and has become a leader among many climbers. In the gradually mature cryptocurrency trading track, CITEX has been maintaining a leading position, and is known as the little Binance of the cryptocurrency trading track.

As a digital asset trading platform, CITEX has always been adhering to the concept of “customer first”, and is committed to providing users with efficient, safe and convenient digital asset trading services. In terms of security protection, CITEX adopts a financial and bank-level security protection system to independently host and isolate user assets to prevent external technical damage and stick to this bottom line that is related to life and death. This rigorous style greatly benefits from CITEX The team has rich experience in the industry. CITEX team members come from all over the world. They have been deeply involved in the blockchain industry for many years, and are familiar with market rules and market conditions in various places.

On this basis, CITEX has been constantly innovating its operation strategy. CITEX is well aware that after nearly 10 years of development in the blockchain industry, many early growth opportunities have disappeared, the overall situation has been finalized, and the focus of competition in the market has already shifted to users choosing which exchange provides services that are more in line with their tastes. Therefore, CITEX has been deeply involved in the mining currency track, positioning itself on the mining currency, and is committed to creating differentiation. This strategy has made it the world’s number one mining currency exchange in a short period of time. The success of CITEX is not only due to its The deep understanding and pursuit of digital asset trading lies in its ability to respond flexibly and continue to innovate in the ever-changing market environment. 

CITEX has already occupied a place in the field of digital asset trading and has become one of the leaders. As a digital asset trading platform, innovation and security are its core competitiveness. CITEX has outstanding performance in these two aspects, which is why it can stand out in the fierce market competition. It is foreseeable that CITEX will continue to maintain its innovative capabilities and security, and continue to play an important role in the field of digital asset transactions.

As the Book of Changes said: “Poorness leads to change, change leads to success, and generality leads to long-term.” This is the basic essence of the survival of the fittest, and it is also the foundation of our foothold in the field of digital asset trading. The update and iteration speed of the blockchain world is extraordinary. To keep up with the pace of the future, we must not be too conservative and follow the rules. We must dare to innovate and be flexible. CITEX will continue to adhere to the principle of user first, and continue to innovate and adapt. I believe that in the near future, CITEX will surpass Binance in the trading track and become a better digital asset trading platform, providing users with better quality digital asset transactions. Serve.

CITEX: Keeping the Righteousness and Chasing the Innovation, Safety Creates an Era of Almighty Trading

With the help of DeFi, decentralized exchanges led by UniSwap have risen from the ground. The new IDO and LBP methods they brought have revitalized the entire cryptocurrency market, and the endless new projects have also made investors enthusiastic.

At the other end of the upsurge, centralized exchanges are under attack from DEXs, and are being impacted in all directions in terms of traffic, daily activities, and popularity. Faced with this endless battle for territory, some exchanges were overwhelmed and closed their doors and ran away, while others were looking for a new way out while holding on.

Also facing the impact of DEX, this old-fashioned exchange, which was born in 2018 and has gone through three rounds of bulls and bears, let us see its ability to turn “dangerous” into “opportunity”. If you review the actions of CITEX in the past two years, you will find that today’s highlight moment is not accidental, it is the result of years of painstaking efforts.

Through the cycle, safety first

CITEX has always been committed to becoming a platform for trading users to rest assured, and this goal has not changed since its establishment. In the face of industry hotspots, CITEX always regards “safety” as the primary consideration, rather than pursuing traffic. Therefore, CITEX will spend a long time building technology, strengthening platform technology and security measures, and ensuring the security of users’ digital assets. CITEX adopts a multi-level risk control system to comprehensively monitor the transaction process to ensure the safety and stability of user transactions. In order to protect users’ assets, CITEX has also established a margin system to provide each user with a margin, which fundamentally eliminates the risk of runs and insolvency.

CITEX’s emphasis on security has made it one of the very few exchanges in the industry that have crossed bulls and bears. This also shows that only when the basic market is stable can we gain a long-term foothold and seize opportunities.

Comprehensive layout to create an all-round platform

CITEX takes digital asset trading as its main business, and at the same time continues to expand its business scope. The platform frequently deploys business and expands various business scopes, including multiple business innovations in digital asset management. In addition to spot trading and contract trading, CITEX has also launched a number of diversified financial derivative services based on digital assets and mining ecology, such as mining pool plans, Youbi wealth management, wealth management business, Satking dividends, and MasterNode dividends. These services are designed by a professional organization team, which lowers the professional requirements and entry barriers, is more suitable for users with different needs, and has been widely recognized and loved by users. In addition, CITEX also cooperates with many digital currency exchanges around the world to jointly promote the development of the digital currency industry.

Just like the “showcase strategy” in fast-moving consumer goods, the more products are displayed on the counter and the larger the area occupied, the greater the probability of being selected by consumers. Now open the official website of CITEX, you will find that from spot to contract, from contract to mining, the platform covers almost all digital asset trading services. CITEX is going further and further on the road of diversification.

CITEX, which originally had the “seniority advantage” of an established exchange, coupled with the “display advantage”, it is hard not to be seen by investors. CITEX is going further and further on the road of diversification. This set of tactics not only brings incremental users to the platform, but also allows the platform to have more room for imagination.

“Keep the Righteousness” first, and then “Chasing the New”

If we say that in the past few years, CITEX has been working hard at the level of “keeping the integrity”, then in the past two years, CITEX is taking the initiative to “catch up with innovations” at a higher frequency. The most intuitive point is that it has taken a differentiated route on the asset side. In fact, the key to the survival of an exchange is not what model you use, but whether you are useful to investors and whether you can create opportunities for investors to make money. In the final analysis, the most important thing is to meet the needs of investors. Therefore, CITEX takes advantage of its mining field, focuses itself on mining coins, and is committed to creating differentiation. It labels the platform as a mining coin gold nugget. This strategy makes it a global leader in a short period of time. The first mining currency exchange has gained a large wave of enthusiastic fans of the exchange.

CITEX will continue to move forward on the road of pursuing innovation, and will continue to focus on users, continuously improve service quality and user experience, and provide more professional, safe and efficient services for digital asset traders. In the future, CITEX will continue to work on building an all-round trading platform to bring more possibilities and opportunities to the digital asset trading market.