Rouse Pro Elite SVIP Peer Advisory Group Successfully Concludes

On June 23, the “Rouse Pro Elite SVIP Peer Advisory Group,” empowered by the full-chain financial protocol Rouse Pro, successfully concluded in Kuala Lumpur! This journey of ecosystem consensus is another step forward in Rouse Pro’s market promotion and expansion efforts.


Notably, in the project evaluation segment of the W2140 Kuala Lumpur Web3 Carnival, Rouse Pro won the “Innovation Pioneer Award” due to its highly innovative business model, extensive DeFi resources, and excellent product commercialization capabilities after fierce competition.

The conference gathered dozens of Rouse Pro elite leaders and Web3 pioneers to seize the next wave of global opportunities! As the host of the peer advisory group, Rouse Pro will progress with the times, exploring the depths of the Web3 market and empowering the DeFi ecosystem with the momentum of an industry unicorn!

The meeting began with a keynote speech by Rouse Pro Global Ambassador Nicholas titled “Opportunities in the Development of RWA and DeFi.” He stated that the RWA sector, as a bridge to DeFi, seems to have become the new hot narrative. Unlike other traditional DeFi products, Real World Assets (RWA) are introducing a new wave of DeFi products, providing a novel financial service experience for investors and asset owners. With the efforts of the DeFi ecosystem represented by Rouse Pro, empowering user needs and creating more value for investors will be the future industry trend.


Following this, Caroline, the head of Ruoshuitang, presented a keynote speech on “WuDao Health Products Introduction.” WuDao will be a token integrating the health industry, and Rouse Pro combines Web3, DeFi, and smart contract technology to implement the concept of decentralized community autonomy. “Rouse” means awakening, and “Wu” is the Chinese character for enlightenment, symbolizing a true understanding of the balance between centralization and decentralization. She mentioned that the WuDao platform would build a health mall to further integrate the real-world sector and the crypto economy. Currently, the platform’s health products include bear bile powder, wild ginseng, sanghuang freeze-dried powder, and broken spore powder of Ganoderma lucidum.


Caroline’s unique insights received enthusiastic responses from the guests. The subsequent launch ceremony brought the event to a climax. With the countdown from the on-site guests, “3, 2, 1,” Rouse Pro 2.0 was officially launched globally, marking another milestone achievement.


Next, representatives from the seven Rouse Pro communities in Vietnam, India, Greater China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Indonesia took the stage to share their insights, narrating their deep engagement journey with the Rouse Pro ecosystem.

Through this summit, many Web3 evangelists deeply understood that Rouse Pro not only demonstrated its advantages in technology and DeFi applications but also heralded the golden era of decentralized finance. As RWA develops, more and more industrial ecosystems will be built on the crypto financial network, playing an increasingly important role in the future digital economy, with the Rouse Pro team playing a significant role in this field.

Reflecting on the history of the Rouse Pro platform’s development, it is a true reflection of a brand that respects its users and achieves mutual success with them. Rouse Pro recognized the market potential of the DeFi field early on, thus promoting technological innovation and viewing business model innovation as a key pillar of its operational strategy. Looking ahead, Rouse Pro is committed to accelerating the construction of various business segments, building a comprehensive on-chain financial ecosystem, and contributing to the healthy development of the DeFi industry.

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